The Best in Ground Basketball Hoop Reviews Guide for 2017

Let Us Help You Find the Best in Ground Basketball Hoop On the Market

Basketball hoops seem simple in nature, and they are for the most part. A pole, often steel, will hold the backboard which the basketball hoop is attached to. And of course there’s a net, usually nylon, where the ball goes through – hopefully.

Lifetime 71525 Height Adjustable In Ground Basketball System

Our favorite for 2017
Lifetime 71799 Height Adjustable In Ground Basketball System

A great value option
Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System – 54″ Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard

Features steel framed glass backboard

When comparing these in ground basketball systems, it’s difficult to choose between models.

There must be a reason why some models cost two or three times more than their budget-friendly counterparts, right? An increased price is associated with a higher quality model that is more durable.

And when playing recreationally, durability ensures that the hoop doesn’t break easily (yes, people have been known to break their backboards).

We’ve had a lot of experience with installing hoops, and we found that the most important things to compare are:

  • Rim Type: If you plan on dunking often, you need to have a breakaway rim. Most models feature a breakaway model, and those that don’t have a breakaway rim can actually shatter with a hard dunk. Due to shattering, most models will feature a breakaway rim.
  • Height Adjustment: Smaller users, kids for example, will need to be able to adjust the height of the rim to allow for an easier time dunking and making layups. One-handed adjustments are best because they allow users to quickly and easily adjust the height of their backboard.
  • Coating: Always make sure that there is some form of weather resistance offered, such as powdered coating, which protects against rust and ultimately protects your investment over the long-term.

We’ve reviewed five of the best in ground basketball systems to choose from in 2017.

Our Picks for the Best in Ground Basketball Systems

Lifetime 71525 Height Adjustable In Ground Basketball System – When you step out into your backyard to play hoops, you want to have a basketball system that offers a lifetime of fun. The Lifetime 71525 offers the best of both worlds: affordability and durability.

Shatterproof, you’ll be able to dunk like Jordan with the 54” backboard made of polycarbonate.

Users will be able to adjust the height of the hoop with one hand thanks to the adjustment mechanism, which allows for the height to be adjusted between 7.5” to 10” feet. This is a great basketball hoop for enthusiasts, and is a mid -range unit while also being backed by a 5-year warranty.

Silverback In-Ground Basketball System with Tempered Glass – If wanted to go a little more high-end then this is a near-professional basketball system that comes with an anchor kit and tempered glass backboard. The backboard spans 60” x 33” in dimension with 8mm glass and an aluminum frame, which keeps it durable.

There is a 4” x 4” steel pole, too, which comes in two-pieces and is rust resistant thanks to the powdered coating.

The goal height is able to be adjusted easily with an all-steel actuator that allows the height to be adjusted between 7.5 – 10 feet. There is also a pole pad and backboard pad that is included. This unit is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Lifetime 71799 Height Adjustable In Ground Basketball System – The Lifetime 71799 is an attainable basketball system. This model is the right choice if you’re buying this for kids who are just getting into basketball, or for mild recreational use.

An in ground system is featured with a 50” steel frame backboard that is shatterproof. This is a backboard that feels and plays just like a professional backboard.

There is an action grip adjustment system that allows you to adjust the backboard with just one hand. The pole features a steel frame that is rust resistant and powder coated so that it can stay out in the elements all year long without worrying about rust or damage.

The rim is heavy duty, and the net itself uses all-weather nylon.

Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System – 54″ – Spalding is an iconic brand in the industry, and they offer a 54” x 32” steel framed glass backboard that offers a 1/4” thickness, which allows for a superb rebound. As mid to high-end item, this model has a U-TermTM lift system that allows users to adjust the height between 7.5’ and 10’.

The pole is rectangular in shape and features a two-piece, 4” pole.

Ground sleeves are included for easy installation, and the backboard is 2” offset from the pole. A Pro-ImageTM breakaway rim is also included. This is a rim that can bend downward to allow for a better dunk without shattering the backboard.

Silverback 54″ In-Ground Basketball System – The final basketball system we’re going to cover is offered by Silverback. This is a high-end model, and has a 54” backboard that utilizes tempered glass for the utmost in durability.

In total, the backboard spans 54” x 33”, and the tempered glass is 4.8mm thick for added durability.

The two-piece steel pole is 4” x 4” with a powdered coating. The goal height can be adjusted between 7.5’ and 10’, and the entire unit uses DuPont coating to protect against the elements.

Pole and backboard padding are included for added safety.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Best Basketball Goals for Home Use

Unless you’ve had a lot of experience choosing basketball goals, you’re probably thinking that you should just buy the cheapest model on the list. And while all of these basketball hoops will work well, there are small considerations you need to keep in mind.

Basketball Hoop


We recommend considering the following before making your purchase:

  • Basketball Goal Reviews: When someone may be dunking on the hoop and throwing balls at it, you need to make sure that you read reviews. Some cheaper units can break, especially when teens or adults are playing. Keep all of this in mind when making your choice, and read reviews on the model that you want to buy.
  • Budget: You can see from the examples above that basketball systems vary considerably, so make a budget and know how much you can spend on your system before even thinking about buying a basketball system.
  • Backboard Size: The backboard size shouldn’t be much of a concern for most users, but it will allow for better layups and provide more overall stability. The NBA requires a backboard height of 3 and a half feet, or 42,” if you’re looking for a regulation-size backboard.
  • Acrylic vs Tempered Glass: Backboards will come in acrylic and tempered glass. Tempered glass is preferred and offers a high rebound response, while acrylic is lighter in weight and shows scratches more prominently. If you’re trying to get as close to a regulation basketball hoop as possible, tempered glass backboards are the ideal choice.