The Best Inflatable SUP Paddle Board Reviews Guide For 2017

Let Our Guide Help You Find the Best iSUP after 2015

A blow up paddle board is a convenient, easy way to enjoy paddle boarding without having to invest in expensive car racks or sacrificing storage space in your home. While they typically cost just as much as (sometimes more than) a hard board, their portability makes them worth the price.

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9’10” SUP Package

Our favorite for 2017

Vilano Navigator 10′ Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package

A great value option

ISLE Airtech® Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
A high durability paddle board

But once you’ve made the decision to buy an iSUP, you may be wondering how to compare models to find the right one. Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Board size: SUPs come in different lengths, and what you’ll be using it for will determine the size you need. If you want a board for all-around use, a 9’ or 10’ is a great option. Longer boards are meant for racing and touring, which is something that most users won’t be using these boards for.
  • Activity: Activity is important. What will you be using the board for? Yoga? Leisurely cruises with the kids or your dog? How you’ll be using the board will not only determine the length, but also the shape of the board. Wider boards offer more stability, which make them the better option for yoga and beginners. Narrow boards are better suited for experienced users, rough water conditions and racing.
  • User Feedback: Always check user reviews of the boards you’re considering. User feedback is often a good indication of the board’s quality. If lots of users are saying their board got a hole or started leaking after a few months of use, you may want to proceed with caution or avoid that model altogether.

These are three important things to think about when comparing boards. The good news is that we’ve done most of the work for you. The five boards below are durable, affordable and well-rated by users.

Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Reviews

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 9’10” – From one of the leading brands in the SUP industry, the Tower Adventurer is ultra-rigid and can hold up to 350 pounds. We’ve yet to see another SUP that can hold as much weight.

To create a hard board-like feel, this SUP can be inflated up to 15 PSI, but is stiff enough for use at 10 PSI.

Made with military-grade PVC and featuring drop-stitch construction, you never have to worry about this board ripping, tearing or getting dings. And because it’s inflatable, it’s highly portable. Just roll it up, and take it with you on the go – no need to rent a board.

Tower includes the board itself, a 3-piece aluminum paddle that’s adjustable and a pump. The board is also covered by a 2-year warranty for added piece of mind.

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Vilano Navigator 10′ – The Vilano Navigator is a bit longer than the Tower board above – 10’ compared to 9’10” – and it’s just as portable and rigid. When inflated, it feels just like a hard board.

Made of high quality PVC material and with drop-stitch construction, this board is highly durable. It’s highly portable, too. When deflated, this board is just 1’ in diameter and 36” in width.

Vilano includes a carrying bag, so you can easily store and transport your board right from the start.

The comfortable deck features groove traction to prevent slipping during use. You’ll also find a bungee cord and stainless steel D-rings, so you can bring other gear with you out on the water.

ISLE Airtech 10′ – The ISLE Airtech 10’ is an all around SUP that’s easy to store, easy to transport and ultra-durable. When deflated, this board rolls up like a sleeping bag and extends to just 1 foot in diameter and 36 inches in width.

The surf style design of this board makes it great for use on rougher waters as well as calm, flat water. It can support up to 200 pounds, and is built with military-grade materials for maximum durability.

On the deck, there’s a bungee system that makes it easy to carry extra gear.

ISLE includes everything you need: a 3-piece aluminum paddle, travel fin (removable) and a high-pressure pump.

ISLE Airtech 10’4 – The Airtech 10’4 is similar to the previous board, but is a bit longer in length and is designed specifically for women. This is a new summer model with a bright mandala design that makes it a great choice for yoga.

The wide tail and nose of this board offer excellent stability for leisurely cruises or invigorating yoga practices. A bungee system on the side of the board makes it easy to attach your paddle when it’s not in use. There’s also a deck-mounted bungee system that lets you bring along your gear.

Like other ISLE boards, this one is built with military-grade material, so it’s incredibly durable.

ISLE includes a 3-piece aluminum paddle, high pressure pump and gauge, repair kit, travel fin (removable) and a carrying bag.

Ten Toes iSUP 10’ – Ten Toes says its iSUP 10’ is the most stable inflatable board on the market. And it can hold up to 250 pounds, which will accommodate most riders.

Constructed with military-grade PVC, this board is nearly indestructible.

When inflated, it’s as firm as a hard board, but conveniently deflates for easy storage. Just roll it up, and take it with you on your next big adventure.

Ten Toes includes a 3-piece aluminum paddle, 3 fins, a manual pump and a repair kit. A convenient strap makes it easy to secure this board when it’s rolled up.

As an added bonus, this board is available in five great colors: black/red, blue, bright green, gray and seafoam (turquoise).

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Right Model for You from All the Best Inflatable SUPs on the Market

We’ve supplied you with five of the best SUPs you can buy, but how do you chose just one? While buying a paddle board is mostly a personal decision, there are some things that you want to be on the lookout for:

Inflatable SUP Paddle Board

  • Material Type: What is the board constructed with. Remember, these are inflatable boards, so there is always the possibility of puncturing the board during use or having to deal with leaks. Opt for models that are built with military-grade materials and PVC. These are the most durable. Most also come with repair kits in case the worst happens.
  • Weight Limit: All inflatable SUPs have a weight limit, Make sure that you choose a board that can support your weight and the weight of other people who may use the board. If you plan on paddling with your dog or children, make sure that your combined weight doesn’t surpass the capacity limit. You’ll find weight capacities in the product descriptions of each board. We’ve also included this important bit of information in our reviews.
  • Portability: How portable is the board? It’s inflatable, so it’s more portable than a hard board. But how big is it when it’s deflated? Does it come with a carrying case? Consider how easy it will be to bring the board with you on the go, and if you’ll need to invest in a separate carrying bag.
  • Price: The last thing you need to consider is the price of the board. Opt for the best quality you can comfortably afford rather than simply buying the cheapest model available.