What’s the Best Tent for A Family of 5 in 2017?

The Ultimate Guide to The Best Family Camping Tents on The Market

Camping is fun – no one can deny that. There is something special about being outside with nature without your normal four walls and roof over your head. You can hear, smell and feel nature all around you, and it’s even better when you camp with your family.

Suisse Sport Yosemite Tent (5 Person)

Our favorite for 2017

Texsport 5 Person Headquarters Camo Square Dome Family Camping Backpacking Tent

A very close runner-up

Forfar 5 Persons 3 Seasons 2 Rooms Waterproof Outdoor Camping Tent

Great family tent for any outdoor recreation

We’re going to be looking at camping tents with enough room for a family of five.

If you haven’t purchased a tent in recent years, they have changed a lot. Tents aren’t as rustic as they once were. Instead, the tents of today will allow for roomier accommodations, ample space for entire families, and better insulation and waterproof protection.

When choosing your tent, you’ll want to pay special attention to the following features when comparing each:

  • Door Style: The D-door style is common, but when there are two rooms, it’s more practical to have a double-door design. Two doors allow people to enter and exit the tent without worry of disturbing others in the process.
  • Weatherproofing: You can’t control the weather, and there will always be a risk of the inside of the tent getting wet. Weatherproof and windproof designs will offer a higher level of protection against the elements, which is a benefit for all campers and hikers.
  • Setup Design: The industry is moving towards a fiberglass pole design. The benefit to fiberglass is that it won’t rust like metal poles and secures in the past. If you plan on using your tent for the long-term, fiberglass is your best option.

If you keep these three points in mind, you’ll be better prepared to pick a tent from the list below.

Reviews of the Best Luxury Family Tents

Suisse Sport Yosemite Tent Review – Suisse Sport’s Yosemite tent comes in two unique colors: blue or blue/grey. The Sport is a dome style tent, and its height is misleading at 6-feet. The dimensions of this tent are 10-feet in width and 8-feet in depth.

So, while it looks misleading, this tent is large enough to fit up to five people.

A room divider is provided to allow users to divide the tent into two rooms, and the weight of the tent is 13.65 pounds. A double D door is used for entry and exit, and four stakes are used to secure the tent.

There is a large mesh window and a large storage compartment, too.

Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent Review – The Wenzel Pine Ridge tent is made of polyester and offers two unique colors: red and green. This model is domed, and it’s able to fit 4- to 5-people. Wenzel offers two rooms for small families, and there are two mesh doors provided for the utmost in privacy.

A mesh roof offers a cross breeze, and there are three mesh windows for ventilation.

The tent’s dimensions are 10-feet in width and 8-feet in depth. The height of the tent is 5-feet. Setup is easy through the shock-corded fiberglass poles, and a weather armor construction provides ample protection from wind and rain.

The weight is 11 pounds, and there is a space for a light inside that illuminates the entire tent.

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 5-Person Tent Review – The Meramac is a 5-person tent, and what this tent offers is nothing short of spectacular. This tent is a free standing, two-pole design that has shock corded fiberglass poles. No-See-Um mesh is used and polyester taffeta, too.

Ventilation is offered with two zippered windows, which are placed in the door.

Entry is provided through two zippered doors, and there is a weatherproof fly that protects the tent from rain. Sealed fly and floor seams are also present to give the best weather protection in the industry.

This model weighs 14 pounds, and the height is under six-feet. The base is 10-feet by 8-feet.

Texsport 5 Person Headquarters Camo Tent Review – The Texsport can fit five people, and this model is unique compared to the competition because of its a cameo texture. Constructed with polyethylene, this tent has a six-foot height. The base of the tent is 9-feet in width and 9-feet in depth.

Speed clips and shock-corded fiberglass poles are used with a pin-and-ring system.

D-style doors are present as well as mesh windows on the rear and side. Four mesh roof panels are present, and there is a zippered storm flap as well as a four-peak rainfly.

The unit is flame retardant to C.P.A. I-84, and it also comes with a carrying case. The weight of the unit itself is 13.4 pounds.

Forfar 5 Persons 3 Seasons 2 Rooms Tent Review – Forfar offers a 5-person family tent that has a dome roof and a 2-room style. This unit can be used in every season but winter, and it’s waterproof and windproof. The ideal tent for camping on the side of a mountain, this model has a fiberglass frame for easy setup.

The tent weighs 19.45 pounds, and the dimensions are 133” x 110” x 82”, so its tall enough for most users to stand inside.

Polyester 190T PU, 1200mm is used on the exterior of the tent. Ample windows are offered through a zip-up design.

When considering durability and protection, this is the tent to choose.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Best Tent for Family Camping

The best tent for family camping is one that fits into your budget, offers enough room for the entire family and meets your standards. Your standards are the most important factor in all of this because this may mean higher or lower weatherproofing, less or more room, and a plethora of other things.

Tent for A Family

When people ask how we choose family tents, we tell them that there a lot of things we consider.

Our list of criteria includes:

  • Size: The size of a family tent is important because if you need to fit five people, you need to make sure there is enough room provided. Some tents state that they can fit five people, but they must be considering kids because only three adults can fit in them.
  • Height: Never underestimate the height of a tent. If you need to slouch over and walk into a tent, you’ll quickly regret your decision on not paying closer attention to the height of the tent.
  • Weight: The final metric to consider is weight. If you plan on hiking 5 miles to your campsite, the 20-pound tent will become extremely heavy and difficult to carry. If you plan on going any length of distance with your tent, ensure that you consider the weight – it may be too heavy to lug for a few miles.

Choosing the best tent for family camping is difficult, but we’ve armed you with the most important features and metrics to consider when making your choice. And after finding a tent you like and reading reviews, we’re confident you’ll find the right tent for you.