New Balance Men’s MX623v2 Cross-Training Shoe Review

A modern man’s lifestyle would involve some jogging, playing basketball with his friends and maybe walking the dog with his kid all in one day. And it goes without saying that his rubber shoes should be as versatile as he is.

Men with active lifestyles are probably already familiar with the New Balance 623’s. They are the sleek cross-training shoes that best fit those who want style, comfort, functionability and durability in one solid package.

The style fits all ages. The pair may come in navy blue-white combination, black, brown, grey, brown-red combination, brown-orange or black leather. The overall design is conservative enough to be preferred by the young and old alike. They are hip and manly enough for the ordinary male who wants a confortable and durable pair of sports cross-training shoes and at the same time sleek enough for all other things he has to do.


The main improvement that New Balance made on the MX 623’s is that they reconstructed the whole thing to make it  lighter while maintaining the degree of durability this model has been known for.

Best Features

  1. Winning Edge

To be able to perform at your best, you have to be comfortable from your feet up.  As always, New Balance has taken every function of the human feet in both heavy competition and leisurely activities into consideration. And so, they design this model to provide comfort in the area which will absorb great stress and flexibility and control on the area where all the pivoting and balancing will take place.

They improved the cushioning on the heel to provide a comfortable landing path every time you land on your feet. At the same time, they made the forefoot more flexible so that it will follow the shape of your feet in whatever they have to do to keep you balanced and a step earlier that everyone else.

And, to be able to combine these two main shoe characteristics in one sole, New Balance has made the whole unit stronger and more durable by placing an internal shank.

  1. Safety

Whether you are into individual sports or team sports, you can’t help but place a lot of pressure on your feet with a lot of hard landing, stepping and stomping.  Jumping and running should never be a problem if you don’t have to land on solid ground. Some folks might think that it is all about the thickness of the rubber cushion. Well, it has to do with a lot of things like choice of material, shape, proper placement and contour.

New Balance has utilized their unique technology of IMEVA (injection-molded EVA Foam) mid-sole for firm but, flexible cushioning along with the ABZORB cushioning in the mid-foot to offer the best shock absorption.

  1. The Look

A lot of shoes get worn out pretty easily. When you buy them in sport shops they look all smooth and sleek. They probably will still look very attractive when you try them on. But when the real action starts, you will find out that you are tougher than your sports shoes and that you are able to distort your shoes very well with their first active usage. Those kinds are what we call weekend shoes; shoes that only last for the weekend.

The seamless Phantom Liner will keep your new pair well within shape even if you give them your toughest beating. While this feature will protect the aesthetic contours of your cross-trainers, their full leather topside will provide you with a perfect fit and full foot support to give you added safety.

  1. Standard

This New Balance cross-trainer is a standard non-marking shoe that will be allowed play in any gym, court or field. As a cross-trainer, this New Balance model has already taken into consideration that your athletic life in multi-dimensional.

You may be hitting on a clay surfaced tennis court and shooting and dribbling on a basketball court within the same morning.  You don’t have to bring several pairs of sports shoes in your gym bag anymore. This New Balance cross-trainer has already taken care of that issue back in product design.

By wearing this New Balance cross-trainer, you don’t have to worry about your attention being called for not wearing the right shoes. They are good anywhere except for the bowling lanes and ballet dance studios.


Compared to other cross-trainer shoes, New Balance’s version is very reasonable and well worth it.

Should You Buy It?

If you want something that you can wear all day long, something that will be comfortable and stylish for almost anything and anywhere, you should be wearing a pair of New Balance 623’s.

But, if you are thinking unique; sorry; a lot of people are wearing this brand and model because they are so good.