Old Town 10-Feet 6-Inch Dirigo 106 Angler Recreational Kayak Review

Designed and built for your fishing excursions, the Old Town Dirigo 106 Angler is ready for an afternoon on the water when purchased. Just add water. Thoughtfully designed with the angler in mind it has many added features not found on basic kayaks. It is light, easily maneuverable and with the stealth and skinny water accessibility provided by a kayak, it will get you into places that many anglers cannot access. This gives you the chance to go after the big ones that others must leave behind.

Features and Specifications

Built by Old Town, with a three-layer polyethylene system, the Dirigo has a stiffer hull form than many kayaks on the market. By using this method of construction, Old Town makes a kayak that is stronger and more durable than those made by its competitors. The foam core layer sandwiched between the inner and outer shell, offers built in floatation as well as insulation from noise and cold temperatures. This feature alone will give you a kayak that will last for many years.

At 10 feet 6 inches in length with a beam of 27.75 inches and a weight of 42 pounds, the Dirigo offers you a stable platform. It is easily transported on your car top or fits easily in the bed of a standard pickup truck. Features that have been added for the angler are preinstalled rod holders, a cup holder, padded seat and adjustable foot brace system, all of which will keep you more comfortable while you are waiting for the fish to bite. You will be thankful for the trolley anchor system when the wind shifts as it will enable you to easily reposition your kayak without resetting the anchor.

The hull for the Dirigo 106 is designed for stability. This kayak is for anglers and stability is important when reeling in the days catch. It is wide for its length and the hull form adds to this attribute. Due to these factors, the Dirigo 106 is not as fast as other kayaks but it a great fishing platform and that is what it is designed to be. Able to hold up to 300 lbs. of angler and equipment it has the capacity to handle you, your gear and your catch of the day.

The Good

• Lightweight
• Cushioned Old Town seat
• Foot brace system – countered to your feet and easily adjustable
• Click seal hatch – uses a cam lock that securely stores your items and is water
• Glove box- for items such as your keys, cell phone or any other small items
that you might have with you – water resistant
• Carry handles are retractable
• Thigh pads- give you a soft place to rest your legs, as opposed to a hard deck
• Trolley anchor system – allows you to move your anchoring position from front
to rear aiding you in the positioning of your kayak without resetting the
• Cannon rod holder- adjusts up, down and rotationally giving you a great deal of
• Flush mounted rod holders – fixed
• On deck bungee’s for easy tie down of equipment
• Paddle keeper – stows your paddle to get it out of the way, freeing your hands
to land the big one
• Drain plug
• Perimeter deck line
• Stabil-form™ hull – provides a more stable hull than many kayaks giving you a
solid platform from which to fish
• Small size – Allows to access the backwaters were others cannot go
• Exceptional stability

The Bad

• Only seats one person, so your friend will need one, too.
• Slower than longer, narrower kayaks
• Only two colors available – tan and camouflage

Go Fish

The Dirigo is a fishing kayak by design instead of being an afterthought. It is built sturdily of quality materials and has features that can cost hundreds of dollars extra, if added together separately. There is no need to modify the kayak as everything you need for a day of fishing has already been considered. It is available in either camouflage green or tan instead of one of the bright colors donned by most kayaks, making it harder for fish to detect. This is a well-equipped, little kayak for the beginner or avid angler. Get a Dirigo 106 and get your fish on.