Perception Sport Pescador 12 Kayak: Simple, Sleek and worth the Price

Perception Sport’s Pescador model 12 Kayak is a comfortable and durable, sit-on-top kayak, great for a full day of fishing on the open water. It is a product of Perception, a company who laid the ground work for the plastic kayak and have popularized paddling for over 30 years. This company is known for its quality products and providing its customers with a simple and reliable way to enjoy the adventures in life. This kayak, although made for placid, open water excursions, has superior tracking, allowing for a stable ride in less tranquil waters. It can withstand a river’s current and its resilience to all of nature’s elements will not be easily surpassed.


The Sleek Pescador 12 has all the features that will make your day out on the water as easy and enjoyable as possible. It has plenty of storage room for the supplies necessary to ensure a successful day of fishing and fun. Equipped with a center day, stem, and bow hatch, this kayak can hold a lot of weight. It has an abundance of room to store away fishing gear and other tools you may need.

The CSS, or Comfort seating system, provides the consumer with a height- adjustable back rest and a comfortable foam seat. These are incredibly desirable qualities when spending long periods of time out on the water. Like any sit-on-top kayak, water tends to end up in the hull of your kayak. The Pescador 12 is fitted with several scupper holes to keep your kayak from filling with unwanted water.

The Keeper’s technology foot brace system is also another highlight when purchasing this product. The quick adjusting system allows the navigator to shift to different length settings by simply reaching forward with your hands to employ this feature.

Being that this is a sit-on-top kayak, this model is great for beginners and recreational use. Along with fishing, this type of kayak is good for scuba diving and just touring the banks of a lake. It is also less confining than the traditional sit-inside prototype. It allows for the self-rescue technique to be employed, as there is no chance of getting trapped inside if the boat rolls over.

Weighing 25 pounds, this 20x15x15 kayak is light enough for most adults to load onto a car or truck. Its comfort carry handles allow for a relatively trouble-free transition from land to water. The uncomplicated characteristics of this product makes every expedition painless and more importantly, pleasurable.

How It Works:

This kayak is often times used as a fishing boat. It performs best on calm and steady waters but has been tested in river rapids and holds up to the Perception name. Based on its excellent tracking, making swift or sharp turns, is a bit of a challenge for the Pescador 12. If you are an experienced kayaker and in reasonably good shape however, this shouldn’t be much of a problem for you. The unpretentious nature of this kayak makes for easy transporting, carrying and storing. Just strap on a life vest, grab a buddy and embark on a memorable adventure.

The Positive:

  • It has 3 different areas for storage
  • Hatches provide a waterproof environment for gear
  • Very stable with very minimal chance of capsizing, even on rough waters
  • Good handling through small rapids
  • Extremely durable
  • Holds a significant amount of weight (well over 200 lbs.)
  • Top-quality tracking
  • Comfortable seating for long periods of sitting
  • Equipped with a paddle keeper
  • Both sturdy and light weight
  • Scupper holes throughout the bottom of kayak offer a good drainage system
  • Simplicity of kayak makes it easily transferable for most adults
  • It’s open deck allows for self-rescue

The Negative:

  • Only 1 rod holder
  • Although a good height and comfortable, the seat tends to get wet after about an hour on the water
  • Difficult to stand up in for fly-fishing
  • Needs an anchor when faced with wind, tides and currents

The Final Verdict:

The Perception Sport Pescador 12 kayak is an inexpensive, recreational kayak that is durable and long-lasting. It is a great investment for anyone looking to explore the lake’s shoreline, enjoy a day of fishing or just paddle through the calm waters. This kayak is definitely a great buy.