PUMA Men’s Tazon 5 Cross-Training Shoe Review

Those who are occasionally challenging themselves through different physical activities are always on the lookout for great shoe innovations that could give them the winning edge as well as provide for the best comfort and safety.

One of the most aggressive brands out in the market that is always eager to provide the best quality product is PUMA. Here are some of the basic and most salient features of their cross fitness footwear.


  1. Synthetic leather upper with a meshed toe box

The PUMA Tazon 5 uses a mix of materials for the top construction of the shoes to provide the best combination of durability and comfort. The synthetic leather helps make this cross-trainer more durable at the same time as it offers the flexibility to follow the contours of your feet.

When the shoes follow the shape of your feet, it provide the safety of balance with your feet moving and slipping within your foot wear during those most agile moments of your physical activities. The meshed toe box provides for adequate breathing space so your toes remain dry and comfortable as well as well-ventilated for a more comfortable and fresher feel.

  1. PUMA traditional lacing system

The traditional PUMA lacing system keeps your shoes well fitted to your feet and provides for impeccable safety and comfort by bringing the balance of good gripping and loose fitting for your best comfort and safety.

  1. Padded collar and tongue

These features provide for more comfort and support for the ankles which is the most injury prone bone for all active athlete. The height of the padded collar serves as very good support for the ankles as they are just set underneath them to provide support whenever you fall out of balance and twist your feet on any direction.

When such a situation tries to force you to twist and hyperextend your ankles, the thick soft padded collars will come into play by preventing such hyperextension from happening like a soft clamp.

  1. Mesh lining with EcoOrtholite sock lining

The EcoOrtholite sock lining will provide additional comfort and air circulation which is actually an anti-microbial feature of this PUMA cross-training footwear to keep your feet dry and odor free.

  1. Puma Logos

Then of course, part of buying this PUMA is for the PUMA logos that are well situated in the shoe construction to give you that sense of style.

The PUMA number one logo appears on the tongue. Then, the large PUMA silhouette logos appear on both outer sides of the shoes while the smaller ones are situated at the inner sides. Finally, a big, very visible brand name, PUMA, appears at the back side to smile upon those who are chewing on your dust.

  1. EVA mid-sole

The EVA mid-sole provides cushion and support for the mid-part of your feet going to the heels. This feature provides extra protection when you use these cross-training shoes for basketball, volleyball and any other activities that will cause you to leap and land.

The EVA mid-sole protection will help in absorbing the impact of your feet as they come into contact with the floor, especially on hard concrete.

  1. TPU shank

The TPU shank works with the Eva mid-sole to provide extra stability. It keeps your landings stable and evenly spread on the wide heels of this Reebok Cross-training shoes

  1. Split rubber-out sole

The split rubber soles provide great traction. All athletic movements only involve the heels and the forefoot. The design of a split rubber sole will serve any sports purposes at the same time as it provide for a better aesthetic feature when the shoes are viewed from the side. This design gives the shape of a separate heel making a rubber shoes as elegant and as stylish as a formal leather.


Narrow Design

The only thing going against this model and all PUMA shoes are their dimensions. The shape and dimensions of a PUMA best fits those with slim feet. While a person with wide and stout feet can always get a bigger size, this will usually involve two sizes up for extreme cases. While this will work for a casual footwear, it will not be best for actual sport’s use.


If your feet are not too fat and wide then, you can benefit from this PUMA cross-trainer. This cross-training footwear can give you the balance between comfort and durability as well as provide you with advantageous traction and comfortable cushion that can keep your physical activities competitive as well as safe.