Do You Really Need Special Socks To Play Basketball?

Basketball is one of those sports where you don’t need to pay a fortune to get into the game. Equipment is minimal – you’ll need some items, of course – but the equipment you do have serves a major role.

Children play basketball at the base gym

One of those pieces of equipment that often goes overlooked is socks.

I’m not talking about those cheap socks you can buy at the dollar store. You need basketball socks to help make your game strong. It doesn’t seem as important as other items, but trust me when I tell you that the right socks make a world of difference on the court.

Bleacher Report even states that the evolution of the NBA’s next uniform will be all about socks.

Here’s why.

Socks Can Improve Athletic Performance

Gizmodo wrote a great piece on athletic performance and socks. The author also realized that people don’t pay much attention to socks, but they quickly broke down the importance of basketball socks:

  • Each sock is designed specifically for the foot
  • Cushioned zones can help add to comfort when playing
  • Support is added thanks to the sock’s design

If you wear basketball shoes, special socks can enhance the shoe’s comfort, support and your overall performance.

Normal Socks Don’t Hit the Mark

I’m a fan of ankle socks or the traditional, cotton and white socks, but if you play b-ball a lot, you quickly realize that these socks aren’t providing much support. I often find myself having to pull up my socks often because they fall down in my basketball shoes.

You don’t see the pros having to deal with this problem.

Imagine Lebron stopping mid-game to take off his shoes and pull up his socks – it’s not going to happen. The appropriate socks will stay up on the person’s leg and won’t slide down over time like your normal socks do.

This does two things:

  • Your comfort level will increase.
  • Your feet will remain protected.

When a user on Reddit asked what kind of socks people were wearing when playing basketball, they all mentioned athletic socks that are designed for basketball players.

You Don’t Need to Double Up

If you ask most people who don’t have basketball socks, they’ll tell you that you should wear two pairs of socks. A lot of sports professionals follow this same viewpoint, and some still double up when they play, depending on the sport.

You can see Lebron James in this video adjusting his socks.

There’s not much importance in this video, but take note on how thick his socks are. He not only has super thick socks (he may even be wearing two pairs), but he pulls them up high and adjusts them for maximum comfort and padding.

But with the right basketball socks, you’ll be able to wear just one pair and play in comfort thanks to the thicker material and design.

Your foot will also fit much better in your shoes without the sliding that a lot of people experience when they wear multiple pairs of socks.

Moisture Wicking Power

If you’re playing basketball and don’t sweat a lot, you’re not really playing hard. Basketball is a quick game, and you should be building up a sweat and putting your all into every practice and game.

Those that do play with all of their heart will find that they sweat a lot.

It’s inevitable that your feet will start to sweat, and this can lead to athlete’s foot or your feet becoming raw over time.

No fun

The right socks will wick sweat away so that your feet stay dry and warm the entire game. You’ll be blown away by the added comfort just from wearing a pair of socks. The good news is that all of these socks are designed to have a snug fit, so they fit well and get rid of added moisture.

And some people, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, seem to have much sweatier feet than others. So, the right socks can help a lot.

The Bottom Line

Teams are Playing Basketball Game

You’re playing basketball, and even the slightest enhancement in your game will make a big difference. There’s no need to worry about comfort and sweat when you’re wearing basketball socks.

While the socks won’t help you hit 3-pointers the entire game, they will:

  • Cushion common points of contact
  • Wick up moisture to add more comfort
  • Stay up on your leg and not fall down
  • Provide additional protection to your foot
  • Add stability to your game

And the best part is that this is a cheap addition to your game and the equipment you wear. These socks are designed to fit the contour of a person’s foot as well as for basketball players specifically.

These are the best socks for basketball period.

You can skimp out and play with your normal socks – professionals did the same for years. But once you give these socks a try, you’ll realize why the pros are switching to socks designed for basketball players.