Reebok Men’s Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0 Training Shoe Review

If you are a serious lifter, there are only five things to look for in the perfect crossfit footwear.  It is through this type of shoes that Reebok has made a strong name for itself from a weightlifting shoe / running shoe hybrid that caused lot of stir in both recreational and competitive gyms all cross the country.

Here are the features of the new Reebok weightlifting footwear that meet the essentials of crossfit training:


  1. Solid Heels

Rule number one, weightlifting shoes should be stable! Reebok’s Crossfit Lifter Plus 2 is a great weightlifting footwear that assures you of the best stability and safety.

No one can over emphasize the importance of being able to stay flat on your feet especially in weightlifting or powerlifting where there is the danger of handling extremely heavy weights. Under no circumstances should your heel roll over to any side which can cause severe, or even fatal, injuries.

This Reebok Plus version is a very good improvement over its predecessor which was totally unstable because they tried to provide more cushion to create a weightlifting shoe that would also be good for running.

Reebok redeemed itself in the weightlifting community with the creation of the most stable lifting shoes on the planet.

  1. Flexible Forefoot Area

Rule number two; weightlifting shoes should allow you to push up all the way where the limits of the balls of your feet could throw you!

In a sport where you need to do a lot of heaving and throwing, you will always be pushing from the balls of your feet. In such a case, your footwear should be able to provide you with this flexibility on the forefoot part so your shoes will not be a hindrance to what you are trying to achieve.

The latest version of Reebok made sure that the forefoot area of the sole and upper construction is very flexible to fully bend on that area without the toe box folding and crushing your toes.

  1. Traditional Lace-up and Velcro Straps

Rule number three, weightlifting shoes should be a prefect fit that will not allow your feet to slip within its construction!

The lace works up all the way to the top part of the foot to ensure a perfect fit that is both secure and comfortable.

To support the lace and the entire shoe construction, these lifting shoes have two front hooks and loop straps that attaches all the way to the base thereby providing the best construction design to keep the sole from detaching from the upper portion like the way sandals are designed.

This two features make the Reebok weightlifter’s footwear function as a single unit and will allow your feet to produce the greatest amount of pushing power where it doesn’t leave the chance to lose some of the leverage in a loose footwear.

  1. High Traction Rubber Sole

Rule number four, weightlifting shoes should not let you slip from any stance! When you slip and fall on the floor, the heavy barbell falls on you. The sole traction and gripping power plays one of the most important roles, not only in helping you achieve the greatest lifts but more importantly, in making your lifts the safest.

This Reebok weightlifting footwear made sure that they only used the highest quality rubber to form the main component of their weightlifting shoes and ensure the greatest floor gripping ability for the safest snatches and jerks.


Poor Ventilation in the Toe Box Area

The only low down on this revised Reebok weightlifting footwear is the lack or air holes on the toe area. This will not only create the avenue for bacterial buildup, it will also create the opportunity for your forefoot to sweat which could cause slipping within the forefoot area ultimately contribute to loss of balance and stability.

Air hole were provided on the previous Reebok weightlifting shoes and it is quite a puzzle why they chose to drop that feature in the new version.

Should You Buy It?

Besides that point about the absence of air holes on the toe box area, this Reebok Crossfit Lifter Plus 2 is one of the best weightlifting shoes in the market today as it scores perfect 5s on all salient featured required of a good cross training/weightlifting  footwear.

It was a blessing that Reebok made so many mistakes with the previous weightlifting footwear because it was only through them where they able to produce the perfect and safest foot wear for the iron sport.

Should you buy this latest Reebok weightlifting footwear? The better question is; are you serious about your training?