Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 4.0 Training Shoe Review

Cross-training is a very demanding activity and you should be particular about your gear. If you are into such diversity, there are several cross training shoes in the market but nothing may compare to the advantages of this new Reebok model.

Rebook Crossfit Nano 4.0s are the fourth generation cross fit shoes by Reebok that works perfectly for practically anything that you have to do. Here are some of its advantages:


  1. Durable

These cross-training shoes are wrapped from end to end in an abrasion resistant cage which is called the Dura-cage.

As the name suggests, the intention of this feature and design is to make the shoes more durable but it does not only offer this advantage. It secures your feet as well and prevents you from sliding around.

  1. Good Traction for Rope Climbing

If you are doing rope climbing, you can use this feature to an advantage because they can give you better traction for gripping the rope. The cage also protects the shoes from flaking out from the friction. When most cross-fit fail on rope climbing, Reebok’s version will be superior.

The outsoles of the 4.0’s are reinforced; giving you added traction when you are working on a rope climb.

  1. Great Balance

These shoes have a 4 mm. heel-to-toe deficit which makes it very ideal for sprinting and weightlifting.

For short distance sprinting, these cross fit shoes help your toes point down and ready to throw, reach and push.

For weightlifting and powerlifting movements that require you to go into a full squat, the 4 millimeter advantage of the heel over the toes will give you enough leverage to keep you balanced.

  1. Good Support and Fit

This Cross-fit shoes has 7 lace holes that travel all the up to your foot. This is very good in two counts.

First, it helps keep the shoes close to the shape of your feet which makes them look very sleek and shapely. Everyone has to consider that the aesthetics of the design is as important as their functionability.

Second, it keeps the shoes firmly in place for the athlete’s best protection and comfort. The more closely it follows the contour of your feet, the easier they are to handle with respect to control, feel and response.

  1. Comfortable

This Reebok model of the cross-trainer has a wide toe box.

So while it follows the contour of your heel and ankle, it provides space for your toes for greater balance. And, it also gives your toes for some breathing space for a more comfortable fit, unlike other shoes, which are restrictive in this area.

  1. Lightweight

The shoes are light weight. This feature is often neglected but it does help during the last grueling portions of your aerobic activities where every ounce of added baggage becomes a ton of burden.

  1. Well Ventilated

The design offers very good ventilation.

This does not only provide you with additional comfort in keeping your feet less sweaty and slippery within the shoes, it is also good for proper hygiene.

  1. Foot traction

The soles can provide very good traction for all indoor and outdoor activities whether it is on concrete, wood or grass. But, they will not work well on dirt and trails.

  1. Well Cushioned

The shoes are well cushioned that eliminates heavy pressure when you land on your feet for every stride and leap.

The amount of cushion is good enough to make the shoes very comfortable but not too soft that it imbeds your heels to the ground for heavy barbell lifting.


  1. Sizing is Difficult

These Crossfit shoes are set at a quarter to a half size small. So, if you are looking for a perfect fit, you won’t have that occasion. You will have to settle for a quarter size larger than what you are used to.

  1. Price Issues

There is no doubt that these new Reeboks are great shoes and there might be no other brands that can offer the same advantages but, you have the older versions of this cross-trainer, the 2.0s and the 3.0s which are not too far behind in all relevant features versus the 4.0s.

Should You Buy It?

There are other better running shoes and there are other better weightlifting shoes. But when it comes to cross-training where you might be doing both and heaps of other challenging adventures, nothing will be better for you than the Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0.

If you want the best then, price should never be an issue, only performance.