Review of the Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

Not all kayaks are expensive and even the more affordable choices can be used for slow river rafting and leisurely paddling on a calm lake. If you’re a beginner to kayaking or if you want an affordable option for slower rides, then the K1 Kayak is a great choice.


So what sets the Challenger apart from the rest? For one thing, this kayak is specifically made for lake paddling so it is a much “softer” kayak in terms of durability and tracking. It won’t be of much use for white water rapids above Class II but for slower waters this is the ideal K1.

It’s portable, it’s durable, and it’s built with convenience in mind. For a better look at what sets it apart here is a quick rundown of its major features:

  • Inflatable I-Beam Floors – being an inflatable kayak you’d think it wouldn’t be stable on the water but with the Challenger you’re not just inflating the sides for buoyancy; you’re inflating the floor as well for added stability, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Durable Welded Material – the nimble but very durable material ensures that simple collisions won’t puncture the kayak right on your first day at the lake. What’s even better is the fact that the material features vivid, eye-catching colors.
  • Cargo Net – the cargo net is conveniently placed right in front of you so storing and reaching for your extra gear doesn’t become a frustrating hassle. This is very important when you’re taking the kayak out for small river fishing or lake fishing.
  • Grab Lines – fell out of the kayak? You’ll need grab lines to climb back on board and the Challenger  has grab lines on both ends, ensuring your safety no matter which side you find yourself on.
  • Inflatable Seat with Backrest – with inflatable seats you are still guaranteed comfort and stability. The backrest allows you to lean your body and leisurely paddle on a slow day. You won’t have to hunch forward all throughout your trek.

Pros and Cons


  • Convenient Design – you can get this inflated in less than twenty minutes (ten to fifteen minutes once you get used to the routine) and it deflates in just under five. It’s portable and it is lightweight. Taking out your kayak for an afternoon ride will never be a hassle again.
  • Portability – it roughly weighs 27lbs so carrying the kayak is never going to a problem. It won’t take two to three people to get it out of the car and into the water. Despite how lightweight it is, it can handle a maximum weight limit of 220lbs and it easily deflates, folds, and fits into any car trunk.
  • Durability – for a kayak with such an affordable price point you’d expect it to burst at the first sign of collision but it is amazingly quite durable. It can definitely handle rough waters and rocks. Only the sharpest of obstructions will tear it open and even then there is an included repair kit to get it back in tip-top shape.
  • Safety – there are two sets of grab lines, the inflatable seat has its own harness, and the kayak is built to handle collisions, making it one of the safest inflatable kayaks for the price it demands.


  • Oars are a Little Short – one common complaint from consumers is that the oars a little bit on the short side. This is easily remedied however since the oars do allow extensions to be placed.
  • Not for White Water Rapids Class III – the kayak is durable enough for Class I and Class II waters but it might tear when used in rougher, wilder waters. This is a kayak for calm lakes and slow rivers but not really for roaring, raging rapids.


If you want an affordable kayak for your first time on the water or if you are just looking for something designed for the lake instead of fast-paced white water rapids then the Intex Challenger  is the perfect choice.

This kayak is built to endure anything and everything that comes against it, it is built to be easy and convenient to inflate/deflate in minutes, and it is light and portable so even a single person can get it up and running without any help. It’s the perfect choice for newbies and leisurely rides.