Review of the O5VE Advanced Elements AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak

When it comes to inflatable kayaks a lot of people mistake them as pool toys or commercial products simply made for amateurs. That is not the case with the Advanced Elements Kayak, a heavy-duty kayak that can put hardshell canoes to shame.

The  Convertible Inflatable Kayak is designed for optimal durability, comfort, and light transport. You should be able to toss this in the trunk of your car and even get it through airport security without so much of a second budge.


This is a convertible kayak which enables you to use it as a solo kayak or for tandem use. All you have to do is switch deck covers, switch seats, and you’re good to go. It is also an inflatable rig, so while its main frame is made from built-in aluminum, the rest of the kayak is 100% inflatable. All you have to do is unfold, lock the frames, and then inflate.

  1. Aluminum Frame – the built in frame makes it more rigid than most inflatable kayaks. This also means you get improved tracking and less zigzagging along the waters.
  2. Extra Durability – the layers are split into three, each one lightweight but very durable, ensuring that even the sharpest collisions when going down rapid rivers will keep your hull hole-free. This becomes very important when rafting down Class 3 waters.
  3. Convenient Design – it is pre-assembled at the factor so from the moment you get it all you have to do is unfold, inflate, and attach one or two seats. You can set it up in thirty minutes – twenty if you are already used to inflatable kayaks.
  4. Comfortable Seats – the added seats have well-padded back support, ensuring a comfortable ride during those long, lazy moments out on calm waters. Luckily this counts for both seats; where most kayaks struggle with giving comfort in the middle seat, this one succeeds in providing comfort for both passengers.
  5. Solo or Tandem Kayaking – the AE1007-R offers three seat locations, allowing you to either go solo or to paddle in tandem with someone along for the ride. The interchangeable deck can be switch to and fro in mere seconds so you’ll always have the option of paddling on your own or with a friend.

Pros and Cons


  1. Very Durable – if there is one comment that every customer review tends to repeat over and over again, it is the fact that the kayak is built for heavy duty use. The out layer might get torn when the kayak collides against rocks but its triple layers ensure that no puncture rips through the inner linings. You can pit this kayak against any rigid boat and it will do just as fine.
  2. Fast and Straight Tracking – unlike most inflatable kayaks, this one has a slightly rigid frame due to its foldable aluminum-skeleton. This allows it to paddle much faster and it doesn’t zigzag the way most inflatable kayaks do. You’ll be able to cover more ground with this than any other product out there today.
  3. Versatile – whether you are going solo or in tandem, this is the ideal kayak to invest in. Its switchable deck can be altered in seconds and you can adjust where you want to place the seats. This is perfect for those solo rides or when you want to go out with someone else; you don’t need to buy another kayak since this is basically a 2-in-1 ride.
  4. Portable – the kayak is easy to transport since it folds up neatly and yet can be assembled and inflated in minutes. It is a bit heavy, so don’t try lifting the bag without some support.


  1. Heavier Than Most Inflatable Kayaks – there is perhaps one area where the kayak loses some points with some consumers: it’s heavy. Clocking in a total of nearly 60 pounds, this is not a light piece of vehicle to sling around your shoulder, even when it is all in the duffle bag.

What Consumers Say About It

This kayak has been very well received with on-line consumers. Most reviews point out how sturdy it is and how well it paddles straight, a big improvement over other inflatable kayaks that tend to be slow and move in a zigzag manner when unsupervised.

Many consumers also praise how comfortable it is. Inflatable seats often have poor back support but the folding seats here optimize comfort, giving you enough support when leaning back.


You want a kayak that is easy to transport but is still durable despite its trade off of a hard shell. Most inflatable kayaks offer you portability and durability but without efficiency and comfort. With the Advanced Elements AE1007-R  Kayak you get it all and that’s a never a bad thing!