Review of Old Town 10-Feet Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak


The Old Town 10-Feet Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak ranks as one of the best, most stable brands available today. Used for a variety of activities well beyond fishing, it is a great choice for both the avid fisher and those simply wanting a way to have fun on the water. Made by Old Town, a producer of high quality water sport equipment since 1898, this one is of an average price but exceeds most others in terms of quality. Both adjustable and roomy, those of any size and with any amount of gear will find it to be a perfect fit.

Features and Specifications

Made of three-layer polyethylene for light weight and durability, the overall build is wide enough to be comfortable but small enough to be portable. Built-in carry handles make it that much easier to move around. Inside is a Comfort Flex seat that is both padded and contoured in such a way to provide long lasting support for most body types. It even comes with a cup holder. Both the seat and the Glide Track foot brace are adjustable. Such features make it a great find for any person from large to small. While there are some issues with the drain plug, users never mention any problems with size adjustments. This also makes it a smart choice when looking for a boat to share between family members or friends.

In addition to the interior space, exterior features make it that much more inviting. Behind the seat lies the stern day well. While it is not covered, it is still the perfect size for trunk space should users need it. Along the outside rests an anchor trolley system to prevent drifting while fishing, a drain plug and molded-in paddle rest. If the seat cup holder isn’t enough, the molded-in cockpit tray provides another one plus even more storage space.

For fishing, the best features are its two flush mounted rod holders located directly behind the seat. As for handling, it steers very easily and can make turns with little hassle. Because of this, the kayak is absolutely silent, making fishing that much easier. Unfortunately, it is not designed to handle rough water as the anchor will not hold and the design is not optimized for white water. While it is a mid to high range yak, it is not nearly the most expensive brand out there, and its superior build makes it well worth the expense for all water sport enthusiasts.


Length: 10 ft
Width: 28.5 in
Cockpit Dimensions: 19.5 x 48 in
Deck Height: 16.75 in
Weight: 44 lbs
Max Load: 325 lbs

The Good

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Very stable on water, so much so users can stand up in it
  • A lot of room to hold a wide variety of things like children, dogs, tackle boxes, lunch boxes and many more
  • Two cup holders
  • Two rod holders
  • Silent movement on water
  • Comfortable enough to spend all day in
  • Easy to transport with a car
  • Tracks so well only 6 inches of water is needed to move
  • Highly adjustable seat and foot braces for added comfort
  • Extra storage space in the stern day well
  • Anchor trolley system

The Bad

  • Not designed for fast water, just lakes and streams
  • Drain plug placement is a bit inconvenient and can make it hard to drain
  • Camo color is not of the highest quality

The Verdict

If you are looking for a supremely sturdy canoe to fish or enjoy the water with, the Old Town 10-Feet Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak is the best around. With incredibly handling capabilities and a lot of stability, there is no kayak for such a price at such quality. While the drain plug is in a relatively poor place in regards to where the kayak sits when in water, the overall design makes it a silent, comfortable ride. This model allows you to save money by foregoing the far more expensive brands in favor of something more affordable that is, arguable, of better quality.