Sea Eagle SE370K Inflatable Kayak Review

If you’re looking for the ideal inflatable kayak that works for both whitewater rapids or for fishing atop calmer water’s then you can’t go wrong with the Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak. It is designed to withstand the rapid waters but it can also handle smooth downtime on calmer ocean or lake surfaces.


It is designed to be carried and transported by a single adult but it has enough space to hold three. While it is primarily used for fishing, paddling, or yacht tending, it is durable enough to easily ride through whitewaters up to class 3.

  • Lightweight – at most it weighs in a total of 30 pounds but it has a maximum capacity of 500 pounds, enabling it to hold up to three fully sized adults along with kayaking or fishing gear. This lightweight design makes it easy to transport, easy to store, and easy to use even when you’re on your own.
  • NMMA-certified – the Sea Eagle 370 is certified by the National Marines Manufacturers Association, guaranteeing it is safe and built for optimal use. This certification proves that it is as sturdy and as useful as advertised.
  • Self-Bailing Drain Valve – this feature is needed in active waters, such as whitewater rapids. It allows currents of water to come in and out, preventing the kayak from flooding. It isn’t useful in calmer waters, which is why you can easily plug it.
  • PolyKrylar Hull – even if you put your dog in this kayak you won’t have to worry about claws suddenly puncturing holes all over the place. The PolyKrylar hull is thick but incredibly lightweight, making this kayak perfect for rugged rapid rafting or for bringing a pet for the ride.
  • I-Beam Construction Floor and Inflatable Spray Skirts – these two features come hand in hand because they guarantee that the SE370K is durable as it is lightweight. It will take an extremely high amount of force to puncture a hole in the deck and it will take even more effort to tip the boat over.

Pros and Cons

The kayak has a lot of features, there’s no doubt there, but do its benefits outweigh its disadvantages? Consider the pros and cons below.


  • Perfect for quick transport – it is lightweight and easy to transport but it also gains extra points for being easy to store. When folded, the SE 370 easily fits into the duffle bag which can then be stored in your car, your closet, or even atop your wardrobe cabinet.
  • Sturdy for different occasions – unlike other kayaks, this one was built to withstand rough waters and collision but is wide and spacious enough for calm waters. This makes it ideal for whitewater rafting and lake fishing alike.
  • Quick setup – it does come with a foot pump but you can also use an electric pump if that is more convenient. Even with the manual foot pump you can get this whole kayak up and running in less than ten minutes once you get used to the steps in getting it setup.
  • Very affordable – this ‘yak is incredibly affordable, especially when you stop to consider how convenient, durable, and spacious it is. It is very versatile but very low-priced, making this the best choice for anyone on a tight budget but still wants to get out and have some fun.


  • Zigzag movement – it does have a stabilizing fin but when you’re paddling solo it does have a slight tendency to zigzag a bit instead of going in a straight line. This can be fixed with proper positioning and added weights, however, and is also a common problem with all inflatable kayaks.


What Consumers Say About It

If you take some time to read any Sea Eagle SE370K’s reviews on Amazon you’ll discover that the general consensus is that this is very good commercial kayak. It is very affordable but very durable – so durable you can put your dog on it.

Many on-line reviews state that the Kayak is both easy to transport and to ride.


If you want a stable, sturdy kayak that can be used for class 3 whitewater rapids or to go out with your buddy and dog to go lake fishing, this is the perfect choice. The Sea Eagle Kayak is affordable for your pockets but it isn’t cheap on features. It is guaranteed to get you through even the roughest waters but it is so light and easy to store that it’d be more like packing a golden treasure cove in a single duffle bag.