The Best Indoor Basketball Shoes Reviews Guide for 2020

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What Basketball Shoes Should You Get for Indoor Use After 2020?

Basketball is played across the globe. Fun, exciting and not gear-intensive, the most important gear a person needs when going on the court is a pair of shoes that allow ankle support and the agility to make sharp turns and cuts.

adidas Performance Men’s Isolation 2 Low Basketball Shoe

Our favorite for 2020

AND 1 Men’s Master 2 Mid Basketball Shoe

A very close runner-up

Nike Men’s HYPERDUNK 2013

Promises superior durability and breathability

Cushioning also comes into play and will absorb the shock placed on the ankles and knees when landing from a layup or dunk.

Indoor basketball shoes are affordable, and we’ve had the pleasure of researching five different pairs that blow the competition away.

A few of the things to consider when trying to pick a shoe are:

  • Shaft: The height of the shaft is important because it will provide further protection for the foot and ankle. The shaft refers to the height of the shoe.
  • Synthetic Upper: It can be confusing to see synthetic and leather listed as materials, but there is a good reason for using synthetic material. A synthetic upper (or material in general) allows the shoe to be much lighter in weight. Some shoes are 20% lighter because the shoe utilizes synthetic material in the design.
  • Streak Resistance: Leaving black marks on the basketball court isn’t a good thing, so protection against this is vital. It’s important to note that resistance will allow for greater overall traction, too.

Basketball shoes are vital to your performance on the court. There’s a lot more you’ll want to consider when making your choice, and we’ve provided further things to consider in our guide at the end of this article.

Reviews of the Best Performance Basketball Shoes

adidas Performance Men’s Isolation 2 Review – Adidas is a sports icon. The brand is associated with soccer, but they have some of the best basketball shoes to play in, too. The Isolation 2 model is built for performance, and it’s a man’s shoe that’s made with synthetic and leather material.

The shoe has a shaft that is 2.7” from the arch of the foot, and a synthetic upper provides moderate protection for the foot.

A textile lining adds comfort, and the size of the shoe ranges from 7 – 15. The TORSION System provides midfoot integrity, and the tongue is a little longer to protect higher up the foot. These are comfortable, non-marking shoes that are affordable.

AND 1 Men’s Master 2 Review – The AND 1 is a synthetic/mesh shoe with a variety of colors (16 in total). Sizes 7 – 12 are available, and the sole is made of rubber. A shaft is included about 6” from the arch of the shoe.

Weight reduction is provided by the synthetic upper, which reduces the weight of the shoe by 20%.

A raised midsole is present to provide medial support, and there is a vinyl midsole to provide superior cushioning when on the court. These shoes are sized on the smaller side, so it’s recommended that you purchase a 1/2 size bigger.

These are great basketball shoes for the casual player.

adidas Performance Men’s Amplify Basketball Shoe Review – The Performance lineup from adidas is spectacular. These shoes are high tops, and they’ve been designed to amplify your game. These shoes are offered in five color options, and sizes 7.5 – 13 are offered.

Bold and breathable, there is a sock liner and non-marking rubber outsole to provide traction without marking up inside courts.

An Adiprene footbed is present to allow for higher jumps and softer landings. The high-top design protects the ankle from unnatural movements and leads to a safer shoe. These are great all-around shoes that can be worn on the court or for everyday use.

The tongue is slightly thicker, so you’ll need to lace these shoes properly for a good fit.

Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Men’s Basketball Shoe Review – The Hyperdunk 2014 offers dozens of colors, and it’s a Nike shoe, so you know it’s made of high-quality materials. This shoe has a great fit, and it’s available in size 3 – 15, so virtually every male will be able to find a size to fit their feet.

Synthetic and mesh material are used in the shoe’s design, and there is a molded heel counter for additional support and lockdown.

A rubber sole is provided. There is a Lunarlon midsole that offers soft cushioning and is responsive, allowing for fast and decisive moves on the court. Ample support is provided for the ankles, too, which allows this shoe to protect the player and their ankle when on the court.

Nike Men’s The Overplay VIII Basketball Shoe Review – The Overplay VIII is another shoe from Nike, and this model comes in over 16 unique color combinations with sizes 7 – 15 offered. The shoe is made from synthetic material, and the shaft measures 3.03” from the arch of the shoe.

A phylon midsole provides the flexibility and cushioning needed when landing a dunk.

There is a traditional lacing system to provide a snug fit during wear, and there is a break-in period that will allow the shoes to fit better over time. Wearers complain that the shoe is sized a half-size too small, so keep this in mind if you buy the Overplay VIII.

Buyer’s Guide –  What Are the Best Shoes to Play Indoor Basketball In

You want to play indoor ball, and you need the right shoes to do the job. Some of the top shoes in the world are listed above, but if you’re anything like me, you look at color and design before pertinent features of the shoe.

Basketball Shoes

What should you be paying the closest attention to when trying to pick a great shoe? The following three points are what we recommend you consider:

  • Size: The sizing of the shoe is very important. You can expect to spend some time breaking the shoe in. But if a shoe is too tight, small or big, this can lead to discomfort on the court. Look at sizing charts and reviews to see what others have to say about the sizing of the shoes.
  • Type: There are high-top and low-top shoes. High-top shoes weigh a little more, but these shoes do provide more support for your ankle and add stability to the shoe. If you have a history of ankle issues, injuries or you need more support, it’s best to go with a high-top model.
  • Cushioning: The cushioning of the shoe is provided through the midsole, liners and the breathability of the shoe overall. A shoe with good cushioning and shock absorption will protect the joints and reduce the risk of injury.

If you’re a woman who wants to play ball, make sure you find shoes designed for women. The biggest difference will be the sizing of the shoe, but you’ll also find that the shoes designed for women are more aesthetically pleasing.