The Best Spalding Basketball Reviews Guide for 2020

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Let Us Help You Find the Top Rated Spalding Basketball on The Market

There are a lot of basketball brands on the market today, but no one compares to Spalding. The brand is iconic, and their basketballs can be seen in the NBA – it doesn’t get any better than that, folks.

Spalding NBA Street Basketball

Our favorite for 2020

Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Basketball – Blue/Black

A very close runner-up

Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball

A fabulous basketball for indoor/outdoor use

When it comes to playing basketball, you want the best ball on the court helping you annihilate the competition.

But when it’s time to pick a ball, it can be difficult to choose among the many different basketballs available. All the options will do the same thing, but there are some features you won’t consider unless you pay close attention to each ball.

A few of the things you can consider when comparing models are:

  • Material: Leather and composite materials or rubber will be covering the ball. Rubber is the best option for outdoor play, as it’s better suited to hard surfaces. Outdoor surfaces can easily destroy a leather ball.
  • Grip: The grip of the ball is vital for intense play. Full-pebble covering is the right option as well as deep channels. This allows for a better grip on the ball even in the rain where you can lose grip on the ball.
  • Foam Backing: A foam backing allows the ball to be better balanced and offers a balanced feel. This foam is important in all street balls.

Spalding basketballs are meant for intense play, but when you choose a ball, you need to compare all models that are available. The balls we’ll be reviewing are some of the best in the industry.

Reviews of the Top Spalding Basketballs

Spalding NBA Street Basketball Review – A Spalding outdoor basketball. This ball comes in youth, official and intermediate sizes. This ultra-durable ball is constructed with performance rubber to offer the best bounce and control in the game.

Designed to be used outdoors, this ball can take a beating without losing its grip along the way.

The official NBA logo is featured on the ball, and a wide channel design allows players to grip the ball in all weather conditions. This ball comes inflated, and some users need to let out some of the air.

Made of rubber, this ball feels smooth like leather and is the right choice for streetball or outdoor play.

Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Review – The Zi/O is an official size 7 ball that matches the exact specifications of the NVA. This ball has been designed from the ground up for outdoor and indoor use, so it’s a great choice for universal use and casual players.

Zi/O composite leather is used as a cover of the ball and feels almost identical to real leather.

A soft and tacky feel is provided thanks to the complete pebbling, and the ball is the official NBA weight. A foam-backed design further improves the grip and feel of the Zi/O.

If you want a ball that is versatile, this is a great option.

Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball Review – Spalding’s Excel ball is made from Zi/O composite leather, too, and this ball has a genuine feel. Official and intermediate sizing is offered, and a full ball pebbling provides players with a ball that feels tacky and soft when in use.

The ball’s rugged composite cover provides the perfect material for indoor and outdoor use.

Dribbling is enhanced when using the Excel thanks to the deep channel design. This design method allows for enhanced dribble control. There is also a foam backing under the pebbling that provides better overall handling and control when in play.

Deep channels are 30% deeper to allow for better control.

Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Basketball Review – This is the basketball I recommend for outdoor use at a large court. What makes this ball so special isn’t its design, but that the ball comes in six, non-standard color options that allows users to keep track of their ball.

A traditional rubber cover allows the ball to be able to withstand concrete, and the ball is regulation size and weight.

The ball comes inflated, and it is available in multiple sizes. Grip is provided with full pebbling, and even in the rain, this ball’s grip is impeccable. Pores in the ball add to the grip, too. If you’re an avid outdoor player, this is the right basketball for you.

Spalding Varsity Rubber Outdoor Basketball Review – The Varsity comes in a variety of sizes and has been designed to withstand street games. The durable outdoor cover features the NBA logo, and deep, black channels in the ball allow for exceptional handling.

All-ball pebbling is provided to offer better overall grip when playing on the court.

If you like a high bounce, this is a great ball to choose. The bounce surpasses the competition, and the ball stays well inflated even during the roughest outdoor games. The varsity is definitely an impressive ball, and you’ll find that it can be used for indoor play, too.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Right Spalding Basket Ball for You

You’ve read the reviews, but you’re still not positive which ball is the right choice for you. Everyone has this problem, which is why they buy the cheapest ball they can find and wonder why it doesn’t perform as well as other balls.

Spalding Basketball

There’s a science to choosing the right basketball for your needs.

When you’re looking for the perfect fit, think about the following:

  • Type: There are indoor and outdoor balls available. Basketballs designed for indoor use are often created using leather. Leather creates a softer ball overall, but as you can imagine, it isn’t the ideal material to be hitting pavement. Rubber or composite material is the best choice for outdoor use.
  • Size: You need to choose the right ball size. There are youth, intermediate and official. A youth ball is 5” in radius. In contrast, a men’s official size is 7” in radius, while the women’s official size is 6” in radius.
  • Play: There are indoor and outdoor combinations of basketballs, and these are versatile in nature. But if you play indoors or outdoors only, it’s best to get a ball designed to your specific playstyle. The right ball will provide optimal bounce and grip as well as durability to offer optimal performance based on your playstyle.

Choosing the right basketball is a difficult process. If you or a child is just getting into basketball, a dual-style ball will more than suffice. To get the most for your money, an indoor/outdoor ball combination is the best option.