Your indispensable guide to the best outdoor sports gear

outdoor sportsBeing outdoors is a part of human nature. Think about the way your body feels after you’ve spent an entire day or two laying around the house doing nothing. You start to feel cramped up, sore and tired even though you haven’t really accomplished anything. There’s something about leaving the house and getting outside for some fresh air that really cheers people up.

The only thing that makes being outdoors better is if you are participating in a sport. Outdoor sports offer you the chance to enjoy the nature that surrounds you, while also keeping your body fit and in shape. Outdoor sports are often some of the most physically challenging and rewarding sports that are offered. There’s no better feeling than peaking on the top of a mountain or riding your bicycle down from the top of that same mountain. They provide an adrenaline rush that cannot be matched.

Many of the outdoors sports are often even more entertaining if you are enjoying them with some friends. The social aspect of the sports is what drives many of us to keep playing. Combining the natural high of competition and the outdoors combined with socializing is a special mix that is difficult to achieve in other areas of life.

Getting the right gear for you

If you’re planning on getting into one or more outdoor sports, it’s important that you understand how to purchase the correct gear. In many of these sports, the difference in gear can mean the difference between living or dying:

  • Don’t skimp- Spend a little extra money to ensure your safety
  • Make sure it fits properly- Wearing gear that doesn’t fit properly is unsafe
  • Buy it in person- While shopping online is extremely convenient, it is much easier to purchase the proper gear for yourself if you see it in person

As the popularity of outdoor sports continues to increase, more and more people are being introduced to the wonderful world of outdoor water sports. For those who like to get a little wet, outdoor water sports provide an exhilarating adrenaline rush that allows you to stay cool during even the hottest months of the year.

Surfing is one of the most popular outdoor water sports, but it is also one of the most difficult to master. The sport is all about technique, so it is important that you find someone who is experienced that can teach you all the little things that you need to know to become a successful surfer. To get started, you first need to make sure that you are properly outfitted to be out on the waves. Here’s what you need to get started as a surfer:

  • Surfboard
  • Wetsuit
  • Surfboard leash
  • Board wax

Another popular outdoor water sport that many people participate in is rowing, otherwise known as crew. This sport dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt, and it is especially popular in college towns. In its most basic form, rowing involves one or more people rowing a boat in a race against another person or team.

In general, all you really need to get started in rowing is some clothes that go well in the water. Whatever team or organization you join will usually provide you with a boat to use to practice and compete with. However, if you think you would like to participate in individual rowing, you may want to consider purchasing your own boat and oars so that you are able to practice on your own time. All you need to do to get started is do an online search for rowing teams in your area.

Choosing the right kayak

choosing the right kayakOne of the most entertaining outdoor sports to participate in and watch is kayaking. While most people kayak in a solo boat, there is the option to purchase kayaks that seat multiple people. Kayaking can be whatever you want it to be. If you want to take a kayak out onto a lake and paddle around to relax, then that is certainly an option for you. If you are more of an adventurist thrill seeker, then the adrenaline rush that kayaking through rapids provides will be for you.

When you go to purchase your first kayak, you will need to consider what it is that you want to do with your kayak. If your goal is to go faster in the water, then a longer kayak may be a better option for you since the longer ones are faster. If you think that you would like to rush through some rapids, you may need to think about purchasing a whitewater kayak that is specifically made for this sport. It is also possible to buy kayaks that have been designed with the angler in mind. You’ll also need to consider the build of your kayak, should you go for hard shell or something that’s more portable? If you are unsure of what exactly you will want to do with your kayak, you may want to just get a recreational kayak that can be used for many different styles.

The Importance of Having the Correct Shoes for the Job

choosing the best outdoor sports shoesIf you wear hiking shoes for a light jog, you know you’re going to have a hard time. Different physical activities require a certain kind of shoe to make it easy for you to get the job done. It also helps you avoid injuring yourself.

This is especially true when it comes to Crossfit. Unlike other sports wherein you can control your tempo if you feel a little off balance, there’s only one tempo for Crossfit: fast-paced. You can’t afford to lose your balance or miss a step because of the wrong shoe. You might just trip and end up in the hospital.

Getting the right Crossfit shoes guarantees that you have the best support, durability and versatility to keep up with you no matter what you’re doing. You could be jumping on and off apple crates of hammering a metal crate backwards for all you know. And it is that lack of specialization that Crossfit shoes are specialized for. They’re perfect for almost any kind of task that has to be done in high energy.