5 Easy To Start Pastimes That Could Start Making You Fitter Today

a woman runs accross a cliff topThere are some people who don’t have to work hard to maintain a lean, svelte figure. There are others that need to work hard in order to keep the pounds off. In both cases, it is good to cultivate a hobby that keeps you active and healthy. When you maintain hobbies that keep you active, you increase your chances of staying healthy and in shape. If you’re looking for great hobbies that are tons of fun and keep you fit, consider these five pastimes.


Between designing the layout of the garden and planning what you’ll plant, these tasks are ones you normally can do sitting down. However, the gardening part involves a lot of heavy lifting, pulling, and bending down. When you’re lifting heavy equipment or soil, it’s important to remember to bend your knees and avoid putting tension on your back. All of that squatting and lifting will keep your legs and back toned and lean.


Even though it’s customary to dance at weddings and parties, dancing is also a great form of exercise and a great pastime. Some people enjoy dancing in settings like the nightclubs or lounges. If you’re not comfortable in these settings, try taking dance lessons. Choose a style like Modern, African or Salsa to work up an intense sweat and have a great time. Plus, it’s a great place to meet people. While most people secretly wish they could bend it like David Beckham, try bending your body in a dance class.


people hikingHiking is a popular weekend pastime for many nature lovers. If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors, hiking is a perfect hobby to keep you active. When you pack a backbag filled with water, snacks, a flashlight and a first aid kit, this is a considerable amount of weight to carry and get a more intense workout. If you’re someone who loves documenting the moments, carry a camera or a smartphone. It’s nice to take friends along for the hike and conquer trails that range from easy, moderate and difficult.


Swimming is an experience for the entire body. Not only is it tons of fun, it’s also a great workout. It is the best and most gentle cardiovascular exercise for the total body. It works and strengthens every single muscle of the body. Unlike running, tennis and other cardio workouts, swimming has virtually no impact on the joints. This is the main reason why swimming is highly recommended for those who have injuries or those who are elderly.

Construction Projects

If you just purchased a new home that requires a lot of updating, construction projects are an excellent pastime to upgrade the value of your home and keep you in shape. While different DIY projects can be very rewarding once they’re completed, they do involve a lot of work. Projects like painting high walls involve extension of the arms and back muscles to stretch and coat all areas. Replacing a vinyl floor with tiles involves a lot of balancing, coordination and consistency. This isn’t one of the usual hobbies that most people take up. However, if you’re a homeowner, it’s good to give it some consideration.