how to choose the right kayakHow to Choose and Buy the Right Kayak for You – If you are a beginner and desire a flat-water experience at a local lake, then a recreation kayak is the perfect choice. If, however, you are looking for a kayak for hard-to-reach spots in rivers and lakes, with the intention of fishing for the big one; a fishing kayak (either single or multiple-seater) is the right selection. Determine what you want to use the kayak for, and decide on the size and price you are prepared to spend in order to make a decision. Kayaks are multifunctional and are great for camping trips, fishing on the lake or river and ideal for leisure time and family fun.

Five essential tips for learning to kayak5 Essential Tips If You’re Thinking of Learning How to Kayak – Here are five great tips if you’re planning on learning how to kayak, check out the full article for five more great tips!

1.Take a few classes to learn how to kayak. There are professional kayak instructors who can teach you safety tips and tricks to ensure than your kayak adventure is safe yet enjoyable.

2.Take-in a few kayak and canoe Expos or festivals. Familiarize yourself with the vessels that are available and determine what you are looking for in a kayak.

3.Join a club for kayakers and canoers. Get to know other enthusiasts and get to know the ins-and-outs of kayaking in buddy-program environment. Club enthusiast can teach you a lot about canoeing and kayaking.

4.Ask a friend or family member to use their canoe or kayak first. Before buying a kayak, ask a friend that has one to allow you to take it out on calm waters; this will enable you to experience it first-hand, and will help you learn the ropes.

5.Sign up as a member with the American Canoe Association as well as the American Whitewater Association. Both associations are the primary authorities on canoeing and kayaking, and the American Whitewater consistently advocates the privilege and the rights of boaters as well as river/water conservation.

kayak paddlesHow to Choose the Right Paddle for Kayaking  When choosing a paddle, your selection will make an enormous difference in your kayaking comfort and energy-level on the water. The length of your paddle is essential, as well as the paddling style — whether low-angle or high-angle. Your height and the width of the boat will also be determining factors when selecting the appropriate paddle to use; taller paddlers will, of course, need longer paddles. There are many blade materials to consider as well, such as; Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, or Nylon, Aluminum or Plastic. Take into consideration the many factors listed above, along with your personal preference when choosing the perfect paddle for you.

What’s the Difference Between a Canoe and a Kayak?

What’s the Difference Between a Canoe and a Kayak?To the experienced ‘yak angler the difference between a canoe and a kayak maybe obvious, but to the beginner looking for their first boat the question can pose the first stumbling block on their way to being a fully fledged kayak fisherman. In this article we take a look at the differences between the two boats and explain the advantages and disadvantages that each vessel will bring to your future marine activities.

Hopefully after reading the article you’ll feel you have a sound foundation on which to base your new kayak buying decisions and you’ll be out on the water in no time!

Inflatable Kayaks vs Hardshell Kayaks: Which Would Suit Me Best?

Inflatable Kayaks vs Hardshell Kayaks: Which Would Suit Me Best?When you first start looking to buy a kayak the choices available can be a little daunting, should you go for sit on top or sit in, would it be better to prioritise speed or stability? Even after you’ve answered these questions there are more things to consider, will you have room to store your new boat and how easy will it be to transport?

Ease of transport and lack of storage space are two of the main plus points of inflatable kayaks, with many packing into bags that can easily be stored and carried. But what additional advantages do inflatable have over their hard shelled cousins? Read this article to find out more.

Can Dogs Go in an Inflatable Kayak?

Can Dogs Go in an Inflatable Kayak?Anyone who has a dog will know the joy that they can bring to your life and once you’ve fully bonded the chances are you’ll be wanting to spend as much time as possible with your canine friend. If you’re the owner of a reasonably roomy hard shelled kayak then your dog should be able to hop on board with out any worries (providing they’re wearing a life jacket of course!) but what if you have an inflatable kayak? Is it safe to bring your pooch along or might their claws puncture your boat and leave you both out of your depth? Read this article to find out more.

Three Ways You Benefit from Kayak Fishing

Three Ways You Benefit from Kayak FishingDo you enjoy the sensation of the sunlight as it feeds your soul and warms your body? Do you feel invigorated as you breathe in fresh air and delight in the smells of the outdoors? Does your body crave a healthy work out and the benefits gained from eating fresh fish like the omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and high protein which nourish your heart and skin and hair? Then perhaps you need to venture out onto the water in a kayak for a relaxing day of fishing. Come on along and learn about some of the ways kayak fishing is good for you!

Five Reason’s Why Inflatable Fishing Kayaks Are Fantastic

Five Reason's Why Inflatable Fishing Kayaks Are FantasticInflatable kayaks are much newer to the market than their traditional hard shelled cousins, and this has some uncertain about the benefits of this innovative fishing boat. Over the years, they’ve become more commonplace and loved by fishermen of all backgrounds because of their easy set up and maintenance. Many actually prefer the inflatable type because they have more room and can support more weight. New designs have allowed inflatable kayak’s to be created for every type of water, from a rolling river to white water rapids. Their adaptability, sturdiness, and long lifespan makes them an invaluable piece of equipment.

How many calories are burned when I go kayaking?

How many calories are burned when I go kayaking?The calorie burn rate produced by kayaking is affected by many factors. The weight of the boat and paddler, the time spent on the water and the average speed maintained are all key to the amount of calories that kayaking burns. Wind, current, and anything else that adds resistance all add to the calorie burn. Research has shown that normal recreational kayaking does not burn calories at an exceptionally high rate, but it is as good as cycling or walking. Paddling also burns calories at a similar rate as other fun types of exercise, and it is beneficial overall.

3 tips to help you find the ideal kayaking shoes

3 tips to help you find the ideal kayaking shoesProper footwear makes kayaking safer and more comfortable. A serious cut, a fall due to poor footing, or a toe stubbed against a rock or crushed by a dropped boat can cost far more in medical bills than the most expensive water shoe. And even slight damage to a foot can ruin a paddle trip. There is a wide variety of specialty water footwear on the market. The key to choosing the best type for your needs is a holistic evaluation of the kayaking you will be doing most. Three factors to consider are temperature, terrain, and type of paddling.

What to look out for when you buy your first kayak helmet

What to look out for when you buy your first kayak helmetAside from a PFD, a helmet is the most essential safety gear item needed for kayaking on moving water. Never mind what you might see in some videos: for whitewater or surf kayaking, a helmet is not optional. For children, helmets are a good idea even on flat water. Particularly when tandem boating, an errant paddle swing can be disastrous. Paddlers in the past had little choice other than various colors of plastic, but helmets now come in a variety of materials and designs that allow you to choose headgear that suits your style and the conditions you will encounter.

What is kayaking? An absolute beginner’s guide

What is kayaking? An absolute beginner’s guideKayaking is a fun and healthy activity with a long history. The first kayaks were built and used by natives of the North American high Arctic regions. Early kayaks were small, light, agile craft made for hunting food on inland and coastal waters. They were long and narrow, with a closed water-tight deck and a small cockpit that could be sealed around the paddler’s body to prevent water from entering the boat. Modern sit-in kayaks resemble the 4,000 year old originals. Newer sit-on-top designs leave the paddler’s lower body and legs exposed and offer easy learning for today’s recreational paddler.

Is It worth Buying Specifically Designed Crossfit Shoes Or Could I Just Wear My Normal Gym shoes?

should I buy a pair of specialist crossfit shoes?Are your regular gym shoes better than specifically-designed Crossfit shoes? Try to look at both from a different angle.

  1. Crossfit shoes are designed for the intense activities that await you with Crossfit. They’re built to be prepared for everything and anything. They’re safer and more durable.
  2. Your Gym shoes, on the other hand, have stood the test of time with you. They’ve worked with you long enough for you to keep them in the first place. What’s there to say they won’t last this time with Crossfit?

The best advice to take here is to try Crossfit with your old gym shoes first. If the shoe fits, keep it! If you think that your gym shoes aren’t going to last with you, consider replacement.

What is Crossfit?

what is crossfit?If you’re wondering why there’s so much hype about Crossfit, the answer is really simple. It’s everything you could ask for you in a workout because:

  1. You don’t focus on one part of your body. Every high-intensity activity you do is aimed at working your whole body to the limit.
  2. Each day presents a new workout for you. No more routines!
  3. Your VO2 improves, you make a lot of friends, you never get tired of going to the gym and you burn calories as if you were on fire!

Interested? There’s probably a Crossfit gym near your place with all the hype that it’s been getting.

Three Essential Tips to Help You Find the Right Crossfit Shoes

Picking the right Crossfit shoes is a lot simpler with a few simple tips:

  1. Crossfit Kettlebell weight backlight and shadowCheck your foot first. Coming prepared is the best strategy. Know your foot and keep a record of its size, build and quirks as well. This will help you filter your choices.
  2. Check the heel to toe drop off. Get more stability for lifting poses through high drops. Increase your resistance by going lower.
  3. Don’t go too heavy nor too light. The trade-off between power and speed is important to Crossfit. These two should have a balance. Find it.

These tips should bring you down to a handful of close contenders. At that point, it could just boil down to price or design. Easy peasy.