6 Amazing Facts About Trampolining

a trampoline parkBoth children and adults find it fun to jump on trampolines. What many people don’t know is that there are many health benefits to trampolining. This is an exercise that’s suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. You can do everything from the most basic exercises to advanced gymnastics. The following are six incredible facts about this activity that will make you want to go out and get a trampoline if you don’t already have one.

1. Trampolines are Appropriate for People of All Fitness Levels

One of the best things about trampolines is that anyone who is mobile can use them. People who are out of shape or recovering from an injury can start off very slowly. Even slight bouncing up and down has a beneficial effect on the body. Fitter people can jump much higher and turn it into an energetic, aerobic workout.

2. Trampolining is a Safe, Low Impact Exercise

Many forms of exercise, such as running and jogging, exert a great deal of pressure on the bones and joints. While such exercises have benefits, they can also cause injuries. Trampolining is a much safer form of exercise. This makes it possible for people of all ages and fitness levels to exercise without straining ankles, knees and other joints.

3. Trampolines Can Help You to Lose Weight

Research shows that trampolining can help people to lose weight. If you want to use a trampoline for this purpose, you should exercise vigorously enough to help you burn off calories. While jumping slowly on a trampoline also has benefits, the more energy you put into it, the more calories you will burn. Of course, if you haven’t exercised for a while, you should start off slowly and gradually increase the intensity of your workout.

4. Trampolines are Great For the Lymphatic System

a-boy-trampolinesTrampolines provide a workout for the lymphatic system, which consists of the organs and tissues that expel toxins from your body. This is a benefit that’s not easy to get from other forms of exerise. Working out regularly on a trampoline is a simple and fun way to detoxify your body.

5. Trampolining is Good For Your Bones

Among the many health benefits of trampolining is that it’s extremely beneficial to your bones and joints. Jumping on a trampoline is a way to increase bone density, which helps to prevent diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. For people who already have bone and joint problems, trampolining can be a therapeutic exercise that prevents further deterioration

6. Mini-Trampolines are Just as Beneficial as Full-sized Ones

Mini-trampolines, which are also known as rebounders, fit easily in any room. They can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. They are a small and affordable alternative for people who don’t have space for a full-size trampoline. The beauty of rebounders is that you can get all of the benefits of trampolining on a small, economical unit.