The Best Soft Ground Football Boots Reviews Guide for 2020

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Our Guide to Finding the Best Mens Soft Ground Football Boots

There are different types of football boots and the soft ground variant is one of them. Soft ground boots are for use on soft and natural ground grass surfaces and provide a great deal of grip on soft pitches. These are most practical during winter and fall and come with long studs on the outsole for stronger grips.

adidas Performance Men’s World Cup Soccer Cleat

Our favorite for 2020

Puma Mens V1.11 SG Soft Ground Yellow Football Boots-Yellow-8.5

A great value option

Nike Mens Hypervenom Phantom SG-Pro Soft Ground Soccer Shoe 11 US

Great shoes from Nike

Indoor trainers are another kind of football boot, and these have been designed to provide a good grip without damaging indoor floor. Different types of indoor football boots are available, but the best ones use state of the art materials to provide, grip, comfort and stability while you play.

Firm ground football boots are as the name implies, are for use on firm ground, in particular in the spring and summer. Since they’re made for wear during the dry season you should only use them as such to get the best grip and traction.

Going back to soft ground boots, they’re available in different styles and colors, but their use remains essentially the same. For instance you’re going to find that some of these boots have been designed for use on synthetic turf surfaces while providing sufficient grip and traction, while others are for soft ground only.

These are just some of the different football boot variants available, and there are many others you’ll find online. If you’re going to play on soft ground however you’re going to need soft ground boots since they have been designed expressly for that purpose.


Adidas Performance Men’s World Cup Soccer Cleat – Available in black and various black and white combos, the Adidas Performance comes in kangaroo leather to provide a responsive and soft feel, and you also get replaceable metal studs so there’s traction even when you’re on soft surfaces. The rubber sole is high quality and the screw-in studs are suitable for use on soft, natural grounds.

You also get EVA insole so it’s more comfortable whether you’re playing football or rugby. The boots are exceptionally good and sturdy, and the bottom studs on the cleat work just fine even when the surface is muddy.

Nike Mens Hypervenom Phantom – The Nike Hypervenom has been designed expressly for use in top-level play on soft ground conditions. Unlike other football boots you can use these regardless of the weather thanks to the unique plate with superior traction pattern for comfort and agility.

The boot also comes with Nike’s All Conditions Control (ACC) technology so your grip isn’t affected by the weather, and you also get NikeSkin Technology for superior support and ball touch. The entire thing is in one piece so it’s light, and the perforated anatomical sockliner enhances your foot’s shape for cushioning.

Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat – The Performance Mundial will keep your feet on the soft ground, and the soft leather provides a natural feel. The boot has a fine-grained stud pattern, exactly what you need for intense play, and it also helps the shoe is cushioned and light so it doesn’t feel like you’re dragging your feet.

The rubber sole is as well-designed as those on other Adidas boots, and the fit is just right for extended play. While these boots have been designed mainly for soft grounds, it’s just as effective on synthetic turf and others.

Adidas Kaiser 5 Cup Soft Ground Football Boots – The Kaiser 5 has the look of classic football boots but incorporates the latest technology. A quick look shows it has old fashioned center lacing while fitting like a glove. Of course all of that won’t matter much if the boots aren’t comfortable to wear,   so it’s a good thing that the boots provide a good fit, have a high comfort level and superior ball feel. These can be attributed mainly to its design and grain leather upper, the reinforced heel cap, stitched toe-box, and the football boots also have nice triple-density nylon.

Puma Mens V1.11 SG Soft Ground Yellow Football Boots – These footy boots are made of durable but lightweight materials so they’re comfortable to wear and play in. One of the key features in these boots is the Puma UNI technology that, along with the TPU plate and supportive heel cup, enhances stability.

These boots also have an embossed, external design on the major striking points to improve accuracy and speed. Furthermore the boots provide sufficient cover and the soft synthetic textile lining conforms to your foot’s shape. As was mentioned earlier the UNI technology helps minimize the weight thanks to its microfiber materials.

Buyers Guide – Firm Ground Vs Soft Ground: What You Should Look Out For

The whole firm ground vs. soft ground debate should be no debate at all since there are boots for both surfaces. Primary considerations for both include price and size, but other factors will come into play.

footballers square up to each otherFor soft ground surfaces, look for boots with multiple metal studs on the sole. Note that the stud length can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the game: waterlogged and muddy surface conditions can vary so versatility will be one of the keys. Unless it’s specifically mentioned in the product description, these boots are not meant for use on firm, dry surfaces, indoor or Astroturf.

Aside from agility and versatility, soft ground boots have to be stable and balanced to minimize the risk of blisters or injuries to your knees or feet. When checking out the design of these boots, look also at the metal component: this is the feature that allows for changeable studs, but it does make the boots a bit heavier.

The makeup and general features of the boots matter a lot as well. The reviews above show that the best boots have special features that enhance their versatility and quality, so look out for those.

When doing research on different types of football boots, make sure you check the manufacturer’s reputation and the feedback they get from customers. There’s nothing wrong with buying from a new company but if you’re concerned about quality and durability it’s better to go with a proven commodity.