How to Find the Best Baseball Cleats for Speed in 2020

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Let Us Help You Find the Best Cleats for Baseball If You Have Speed in Mind

Pro baseball cleats are built for speed and agility, but there are different types you can choose from. Molded cleats are made of various materials and the cheaper ones one are meant for young players and are shorter and more forgiving. The more expensive ones are comprised of stiff, rubber plastic and offer superior traction and grip. Since the material is hard plastic, it is lighter than metal.

New Balance Men’s L4040 Metal Low Baseball Shoe

Our favorite for 2020

Men’s UA Heater IV 5/8-Cut Baseball Cleats

A great value option

New Balance Men’s MB4040 Metal Baseball Shoe

Great cleats from New Balance

Metal cleats offer the most traction and because they’re the thinnest, penetrate the ground easily. Metal cleats are most effective on grass and dirt but not as potent on turf.

Turf cleats are used on training shoes when the emphasis is on comfort rather than performance. Turf cleats are best used during slow pitch softball because it improves your ability to grip grass and dirt while providing extra comfort.

Interchangeable cleats combine molded and metal cleats and can be used in different situations. Usually they provide an option for a pair of cleats rather than two, handy if you play at different leagues. What makes these cleats attractive is they’re attached with screws and can be removed with the bundled tool.

Interchangeable cleats can be useful in different situations but due to the additional hardware they’re heavier than others and will affect your speed. Given this scenario it’s better to choose from the other types mentioned here, but again, the surface you will play in will be a factor.


Men’s UA Heater IV 5/8-Cut Baseball Cleats – The UA Heater has been re-engineered with the UA Rotational Traction Technology that places the extra-wide UA Fang spikes in a circular configuration. With this setup you can expect a boost in torque, power and speed, and its perforated upper and sturdy leather provides superior breathability.

The cleats also have the super-light Micro G for full length and responsive cushioning so there’s comfort and stability when you play. Furthermore the Molded 4D Foam insole conforms to your foot, essential for stopping foot slips while enhancing lateral stability, plus it has Rigid ArmourGuide for support.  

New Balance Men’s L4040 Metal Low Baseball Shoe – The L4040 is low cut and lightweight, meaning it’s built for speed, and it comes with a technical upper and a robust REVLite midsole for cushioning. A quick look at the cleats will tell you that it comes with a no-sew welded upper, with the stitching from the cradle to the saddle and the middle of your foot.

Unlike those on other shoes, the sole here is manmade and the 8 cleat plate makes it ideal for baseball. Other features include a midfoot support cradle, TPU tip overlay and a tongue that’s been designed to be form fitting.

Adidas Performance Men’s PowerAlley 2 Baseball Cleat – The PowerAlley 2 is one of Adidas’ most popular lines and that’s understandable considering the features. The leather and synthetic combination works well when it comes to improving speed, and while the cleats fit tight there’s not going to be a problem with breathability.

The PowerAlley 2 also has a shock web nubuck upper and ethylene vinyl acetate for durability and comfort, and when you’re running expect smooth movement, essential for covering the bases. Another thing going for this is the aforementioned leather and synthetic combination that provides extra durability and comfort, plus it is abrasion resistant.

New Balance Men’s MB4040 Metal Baseball Cleat – The MB4040 is one of the more popular products from New Balance, and it is notable for the manmade sole that increases your speed and agility. This lace up baseball cleat comes with padded collar for enhanced stability, and the 8 spike stud set up leads to superior traction.

Furthermore the shoes have ABZORB shock-absorbing properties so you can run without pain, and there’s toe protection in the areas that are vulnerable to abrasion. These cleats are not just built for speed but they’re also durable and built for long term play. The cleats also fit nicely and more importantly they won’t cause any blisters.

New Balance Men’s L3000V2 Metal Low Baseball Shoe – The L3000V2 comes with specially designed manmade soles for superior speed, and the low profile cleat, 8-spike plate and dual-density REVlite RC midsole all combine for improved performance and speed. The upper uses the New Balance Fantom Fit and the inclusion of a Toe Protect fortified front provides extra comfort and safety without sacrificing speed.

These cleats are built for professional baseball players and those who demand speed and superior performance. Particularly noteworthy is the 8-spike outsole plate that conforms to MLB standards and produces just the right amount of traction, crucial for the game.

How to Choose the Right Speed Cleats for Baseball

Earlier we took a look at the various cleats and how they work, but there are other factors that will come into play. First you have to choose between high-top, mid-top and low top, and the classification determines the support provided. The high top limits your movement but is suitable if you’ve got weak knees and want to avoid an injury.

a baseball player runsIf your main concern is speed, low tops are your best bet. Low tops don’t offer the same degree of protection as high tops but in return, you’ll be able to sprint quickly without anything to slow you down. If you’re looking for a compromise between speed and protection you should look for the mid-top cleats as they provide some degree of protection for your ankles without compromising your movement.

You also need to check the stud length; players have their personal preferences but the general rule is the harder the surface you’re going to play on, the shorter the stud. Regardless of the shoe brand, longer studs are more suited for soft and wet surfaces as they have a better bite. Another important feature of these cleats is they will keep you balanced while running and sliding.

If you want to use high top cleats keep in mind that it could affect your speed and performance, but if you really want to use one, buy from a reputable company and make sure the reviews are positive and they’re affordable.