Five Reasons Why Inflatable Fishing Kayaks Are Fantastic

Five Reason's Why Inflatable Fishing Kayaks Are FantasticAh, summer. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you’re busy struggling to empty your water filled kayak while stranded on some river bank.
Wait, what?

This is not an unfamiliar experience for those of us who enjoy some fishing on rivers, lakes, and oceans. Many of us have many wonderful memories of going on fishing trips, and some not so wonderful memories of struggling to empty water out of a hard-shelled kayak. Let’s be honest: normal kayaks are heavy. Thankfully, some genius did us all a favor and created an inflatable one. This article has five reasons for you why inflatable kayak’s are pretty much the coolest things since portable fish finders.

Reason #1: Storage Is A Breeze.

Inflatable kayaks are insanely easy to store. Forget suspending your regular kayak awkwardly in your garage and hoping it doesn’t come crashing down. An inflatable kayak can be filled with air in no time, taken on a fishing adventure, and then deflated before you come home. This means less space taken up by your awkward boat, and more space for your trusty fishing poles.

Reason #2: Inflatable Kayaks Are Disability Friendly.

Individual’s that may struggle to lift heavy objects because of disabilities that may prevent them from lifting heavy weights will be able to enjoy the great outdoors. They are easier to maneuver and manage in the water, allowing for a safer fishing experience. They tend to have more room than wooden ones, which means companion can come on your fishing trip.

Reason #3: There’s A Kayak For Everyone.

Thanks to their ingenious design, these wonderful, lightweight little boats can be made and used in dozens of different ways. There are a large variety of inflatable kayaks, and their flexible design allows them to adapt easily to dozens of different water conditions. From a still lake to a rolling ocean, inflatable kayak’s tend to adapt and hold up better than their hardshell counterparts.

Reason #4: They’re Extremely Stable.

Many fishermen know that horrible feeling that you get right before plummeting into the water because you tipped out of your kayak. Thanks to their air inflation, inflatable kayak’s are more steady in the water, and can actually hold more weight. So go ahead, bring along grandpa’s bait box he passed down to you—just don’t drop it in the water!

Reason #5: You Get More For Your Money.

Inflatable kayaks are generally cheaper in list price than their hardshell cousins, and their flexible durability makes them easier to maintain. Hard sided boats typically end up costing more in list price and require much more maintenance over time. Over the lifespan of both most, an inflatable kayak could end up saving you hundreds of dollars.

Whether your goal is to have a more stable boat, save some room in your garage, or just save a few bills over a lifetime, inflatable kayak’s are a fantastic choice for any type of fisherman.