Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Review

There are lots of kayaks currently available on the market today. Fortunately, there is a very short list of models that are worth the money. If a person is interested in buying a kayak that is sure to last for many years and hardly every give them problems, the best option is to purchase the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak that comes fully equipped with backrests and paddles.

A lot of people are wondering about the benefits and features of this tandem kayak that makes it one of the best models in the industry. Here is a close look at some of the components that makes this kayak worth the buy.

Features and Specifications

The Lifetime Sports Fisher kayak comes bundled with paddles and seat rests at no extra cost. This leaves people room to splurge the money they saved on things like bait and rods for the next fishing excursion. Equipped with clips for paddles as well as four rod holders and room for storing line and bait, the Lifetime Sports Fisher looks to address all necessary accessory needs.

The Lifetime Sports Fisher has a conservative draft of six inches, can carry up to 500 pounds and has a length of ten feet and a width of 36 inches. This kayak weighs 60 pounds and comes with a one year warranty.

It also has a balanced and sturdy design with enough room to take one or two fishing buddies out on the water while still being light enough for single use. It is made of blow-molded polyethylene that resists heat retention and fading. There is enough space for people to safely place extra nets and the like on the exterior of the boat with shock cord straps.

The cockpit raises people out of the top of the kayak leaving their feet in designated channels for footrests. They have adequate support regardless of their height. Being raised off the surface of the kayak also stops them from sitting in a puddle of water with only their legs getting wet and drainage holes in each of the foot wells.

The Positives

• An intelligently shaped hull design that offers an excellent base to stand up on
• Highly versatile
• Adequate space for multiple fishermen
• Adequate support enables people to sit while fishing without the need to worry about tipping the kayak
• Dedicated water-tight compartments for storing things
• Shock ropes for strapping more gear to the exterior
• A good kayak for starters
• Back rests and paddles for additional comfort come included
• People can take the kayak straight to the water from delivery
• A trolling motor can be added for the rare occasions when paddling becomes too laborious
• Has intuitive design perks such as a raised seat to keep people dry when paddling
• Cleverly placed drainage plugs are easy to reach
• Relatively cheap compared to its competitors
• Can be used easily for up to Class II rapids
• Very stable

The Negatives

• The kayak’s olive green color is a safety issue as it blends in with vegetation and water
• Unlikely to withstand a head on collision with a larger boat
• The seats do not have a bottom cushion
• Does not fair so well in windy conditions due to its length and lightweight design
• This kayak is not built for speed
• Does not have a rudder
• The weight of the kayak makes it difficult for people to transport it by themselves
• Has an asymmetrical shape that makes it a poor candidate to use with a pulley system
• Only has a single handle for carrying
• Although designed to carry up to three riders, comfort levels and space can be an issue depending on the size of the third rider

The Bottom Line

To sum up, the Lifetime Sport Fisher is very close to being the ultimate fishing kayak. However, it just falls short due to unfortunate compromises in design. It has achieved its aim of becoming lightweight and accessible, but each of these features has come at a cost. In less favorable conditions, maneuverability and navigation take an unfortunate hit.

Considering the pleasing price tag and sheer number of accessories that can be attached to the hull with very little effort, this kayak is an excellent value for the money and comes highly recommended by its base of users.

If a person is happy moving at a slow pace and does not mind battling against the wind when weather conditions are poor, this is perfect. With adequate space for three people, it is superb for friends and families and is more than stable. It is built to last and will serve people well for many years to come.