The Best Knee Sleeves for Running Reviews Guide for 2020

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How to Find the Best Running Knee Sleeve After 2015

Knee pain can leave you limping, or out of your next marathon. The knee is a vital joint in the body, and if you’re a runner, you’re putting excess strain on your knees with every stride you take. Proper support is needed to keep the knee aligned, and knee sleeves offer added compression to improve blood flow while providing support.

Compression Knee Sleeve (2 pcs) – Medium

Our favorite for 2020

Pro-Tec Athletics Gel Force Knee Sleeve

A great value option

Crescendo Athletics Knee Sleeve

Fantastic sleeves

The best thing about knee sleeves is that they don’t hinder your natural movement.

A few ways that you’ll be able to compare knee sleeves (we’ll be reviewing the best models in a minute) is to compare the following:

  • Thickness: When listed, the thickness is very important. Thickness provides added support, but if the thickness is too high, it may also reduce the amount of flexibility that can be achieved in the knee while the sleeve is present.
  • Material: Neoprene and nylon mixes are the most common material. Neoprene is a smart choice for a knee sleeve if you’ve already injured your knee as it is a warmer material. Neoprene will promote faster healing through increased blood flow to the knee.
  • Stretch: Knee sleeves need to stretch slightly so that they provide you with enough support in the patella while also allowing you to move your knee without interference.

Knee sleeves will keep your patella supported while also allowing for increased blood flow to the knee through compression. The knee is a difficult area in the body to ensure proper blood flow, so a knee sleeve can help recovery and healing time following an injury.

Knee Compression Sleeve Reviews

Premium Knee Compression Sleeves – A set of two knee compression sleeves that come in black or white colors. Utilizing compression technology, these sleeves will support the patella when running. Made for all-day comfort, these sleeves use a nylon and lycra blend that add support without restricting movement.

The fit of these sleeves is ultra-snug, and you can wash them without worrying about the sleeve losing its natural shape.

Sized for men and women, all you need to do is follow the company’s sizing chart and measure your legs for the perfect fit.  Comfortable and durable, these sleeves will keep your patella in proper alignment while being lightweight so that they don’t weight you down.

Pro-Tec Athletics Gel Force Knee Sleeve – For even more support, the Pro-Tec is the right choice. This is a bulkier knee sleeve, but it won’t weigh you down when running. A four-way stretch material is used to keep the knee joint stable while still allowing you full range of motion when running.

Medial and lateral support is offered to the knee.

Gel is used in this sleeve to stabilize the knee while helping to absorb the impact of your foot hitting the pavement. You will have to wash this sleeve by hand, and it does not come in a set, which is why it lands at the second spot on our list.

If you only need one knee sleeve or don’t mind paying a little more for two, the Pro-Tec is a great option.

Crescendo Athletics Knee Sleeve – Perfect for running, weightlifting and sports. The Crescendo offers the warmth and compression needed to reduce inflammation (if you have a knee injury) and promote recovery time. This sleeve further keeps the knee in proper alignment while being 100% latex-free.

This is a neoprene knee sleeve that offers a contoured fit while being able to be worn discreetly under your clothes.

This is the right knee sleeve if you’re struggling with a nagging knee injury and want to boost recovery time. The neoprene is lightweight, while the compression forces blood into the knee to promote healing and shorten recovery time.

Neoprene Knee Support Brace and Compression Sleeve – Made with the high-performance athlete in mind. These sleeves offer 7mm of neoprene which have reinforced stitching to provide extra support for extreme athletes. You’ll find that this brace offers support without stiffness, so you have full range of motion when running.

Weighing just 1/3rd of a pound, these sleeves won’t weight you down and can be used daily without issue.

These sleeves do not come in a pair, but as mid-range items, you’ll find them to be affordable while offering adequate support. With the amazing abrasion resistance of neoprene, these are great knee sleeves to wear in the gym, when skiing or running.

FOG Fitness Gear – 5MM Compression Knee Sleeve – FOG Fitness offers an impeccable 5mm compression sleeve that allows for optimal support without hindering flexibility. The sleeve offers the thermal effects of neoprene to enhance blood flow to the knee and provide added warmth when running.

Faster recovery time from knee-related injuries are a result of the neoprene design.

The sleeve features a seamless design that allows for increased comfort during wear. Sold as a single sleeve, you will need to buy two of these items if you have two bad knees. But as a mid-range sleeve, you can’t beat the high-end quality that FOG Fitness offers.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Right Option Form the Best Knee Sleeves On the Market

Choosing the right knee sleeve is difficult, but we have a few insider tips that will allow you to choose the best knee sleeve for your needs:

  • some legs runningSize: The size of the sleeve needs to be very snug. Compression needs to be present to increase blood flow to the knee and provide added support for the knee itself. Sizing should be done by measuring your own thigh and calves as recommended by a respective manufacturer.
  • Sets: If you’re on a tight budget, look for sleeves that come in sets. Our first review is the ideal choice because it comes in a set of two sleeves, so you can protect both of your knees. Most sleeves will come solo, so make sure you purchase the right option for your knees.
  • Specialized: There are lighter and less bulky sleeves available that are ideal for lighter, less strenuous activities, and there are other options meant for sports and hardcore activities. Nearly every sleeve we’ve listed will tell you exactly what the sleeve is good for whether it be running or CrossFit.
  • Washing: Some sleeves cannot be washed in the washing machine and others will fall apart if you try washing them. Your knee will sweat and cause the sleeve to smell after extended use, so always choose a sleeve that mentions that it can be washed – even if washing needs to be performed by hand and not in the washing machine.

The right knee sleeve for you will provide enhanced support, blood flow and promote healing.