The Best Snowmobile Helmet Reviews Guide for 2020

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Our Pick of the Best Helmets For Snowmobiling After 2020

Snowmobiles and motorcycles don’t have a lot in common, but there’s one item that riders of both vehicles need: helmets. A high quality helmet can provide you with vital protection without causing discomfort or fatigue.

VIPER Modular Dual Visor Motorcycle / Snowmobile Helmet

Our favorite for 2020

509 Tactical Snow Snowmobile Helmet

A very close runner-up

IV2 “THE PATRIOT” Modular Dual Visor Motorcycle / Snowmobile Helmet

An amazing looking helmet

There are several things to consider when choosing a snowmobile helmet. To help make your decision a little easier, we’re going to provide you with some factors to consider when comparing your options and share some of the top models on the market.

  • Size: The size of the helmet is especially important. If the helmet does not fit properly, it cannot provide you with the protection or the comfort you need. Check the product description for the dimensions of each size, so you can choose the right sized helmet for you. Be sure to measure the girth of your head before choosing a size.
  • Modular Design: Helmets with a modular design are preferred when riding a snowmobile. Modular helmets allow users to switch between full face and open face with the push of a button. If you’re looking for a versatile helmet, a modular helmet is the right choice for you. These helmets also include a sun shield that helps provide protection from the sun’s rays.
  • Safety: Of course, the goal of a helmet is to provide protection. Check the helmet’s design to ensure that it provides adequate safety. EPS liners and foam help add an extra layer of protection, while ABS and/or polycarbonate shells add durability and protection. Also, consider whether the helmet is DOT approved, which means it meets stringent safety requirements.

The Best Modular Helmet Reviews for 2020

Viper Modular Dual-Visor Helmet – If you’re looking for a snowmobile helmet with a unique yet comfortable design, the Viper is a great choice. DOT approved, this helmet can also be worn when riding a motorcycle, making it highly versatile.

The ABS thermal plastic composite, fiber reinforced shell offers maximum durability, while the EPS impact foam adds an extra layer of protection and comfort.

The helmet’s modular design makes it ideal for use with snowmobiles. With a single push of a button, you can convert this helmet from full face to open face.

Built-in adjustable air vents allow you to control the air flow for maximum comfort and to stay cool. The retractable sun visor enhances visibility, and the anti-scratch surface keeps the shield looking its best.

509 Tactical Snowmobile Helmet – The 509 Tactical snowmobile helmet features a sleek matte black design and aerodynamic shape. The Tactical helmet also meets or exceeds TO, AS and ECE 2205 safety certification standards, so you can be sure it will provide you with adequate protection.

The interlocking, dual density EPS liner provides top-of-the-line crash protection in case of an accident. The chin area also features a polyurethane chin insert for even more protection against impact.

The shell of the helmet features a durable polycarbonate construction for maximum durability and protection.

The Tactical helmet also features an advanced ventilation system, including front and top vents as well as rear exhaust vents.

If you’re looking for a helmet that offers top quality comfort and durability, the Tactical is a good option.

IV2 “The Patriot” Helmet – The Patriot helmet from IV2 features a unique look and comfortable design, and because this helmet is DOT approved, it can be worn on a snowmobile or on a motorcycle.

The ABS thermal plastic composite, fiber reinforced shell construction is highly durable, while the EPS impact foam adds vital protection in case of an accident.

The flip-up modular feature is deployable with the push of a single button, and allows for quick conversion from full to open face.

Like other IV2 helmets, The Patriot also has a dual inner sun visor that’s scratch resistant to ensure that your view is always clear.

Adult Snocross Snowmobile Helmet – Typhoon Helmets’s line of Snocross helmets is ideal for use on snowmobiles, and this matte black model offers a sleek look. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, the Snocross helmet offers both protection and comfort.

A removable liner and adjustable breath box makes this helmet more comfortable to wear. A lightweight shell reduces fatigue without compromising on safety.

Along with this DOT helmet, the kit also comes with a set of goggles to improve visibility while out on your snowmobile.

If you’re looking for a quality helmet that also comes with extra accessories specifically for use in the snow, the Snocross is the ideal helmet for you.

IV2 Dual-Visor Modular Helmet – IV2’s dual-visor modular helmet is marketed as the most advanced dual-visor, modular helmet on the market.

With a single button push and with one hand, the flip-up system allows users to convert this helmet from full face to open face. And the waterproof and glove-friendly controls make it easy to convert in any weather.

The EPS impact absorption liner provides protection, and the sweat absorbing liner helps keep you cool while keeping the interior of the helmet fresh and clean.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, you’re sure to find a combination that fits your personality – and your head.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Right Snowmobile Helmet for You

Walk into any sporting goods store, and you’ll find a wall full of snowmobile helmets that all look the same. But each one features a different construction and design that may or may not make it a good choice for you.

Helmets For Snowmobiling

There are many things to consider when choosing a helmet. Along with the points we discussed earlier, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Ventilation: A good quality helmet will have a ventilation system that moves hot air and humidity out. Ideally, you want a helmet that has adjustable vents in both the front and the back of the head to keep you cool. Some models also have liners that wick away sweat. Without adequate ventilation, you may find that your helmet is uncomfortable.
  • Design: The design of the helmet is another important factor, although it does not affect its performance. Look for a helmet that you like and matches your personal style. You’ll be more inclined to a helmet if you like the design and the color.
  • Extra Accessories: Some helmets come with extra accessories, such as goggles. If you don’t have a good pair of goggles or you’d rather not buy a helmet with a sun visor, a kit like this may be the right choice for you.
  • Price: The cost of the helmet is another vital consideration. While this should not be a deciding factor, it will likely impact your final decision. It’s important to set a budget, but it’s equally important to choose a good quality helmet. Opt for the best helmet you can afford.