The Best Street Basketball Reviews Guide For 2020

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What’s the Best Basketball to Buy for Street Use After 2020?

Buying an outdoor basketball is easy, right? Just walk into any sporting goods store, and pick the cheapest model on the shelf.

Spalding NBA Street Basketball – Official

Our favorite for 2020

Spalding NBA Street Basketball – Pink & Purple

A very close runner-up

Under Armour 295 Spongetech Basketball

An ideal street basketball

That strategy may work well for people who only play casually. But if you or the kids are spending hours a day playing in the driveway, you need a ball that can take the heat. A poor-quality ball (usually the cheapest models) may only last a few weeks or months at most.

But what makes one basketball better than another? And how can you determine which ball is the right choice for you? Here are some things to keep in mind when comparing models:

  • Size: Most of the balls on our list come in Official Size 7, but some (like the pink and purple NBA Street Ball) come in size 6. Determine which size is the right choice for your needs.
  • Grip and Feel: No one wants to play with a basketball that slips out of their hands. Look for basketballs that have a good grip and feel. A good grip offers better handling and in many cases, a better bounce.
  • Quality and Durability: Naturally, you want a basketball that will last. Otherwise, you’re just throwing your money away. Quality, well-made basketballs won’t easily deflate and are rugged enough to withstand play in outdoor courts. Aside from the ball’s material, you’ll also want to look at user reviews. If a ball deflates or is damaged after just a few months of use, users are sure to complain about it.

The Best Outdoor Basketball Reviews for 2020

Spalding NBA Street Basketball Official Size – From one of the most iconic basketball brands, the Spalding NBA street ball is one of the most recognizable and most-used basketballs on the market. Available in official size 7, this ball is ultra-durable and features a rubber performance cover for added durability.

The wide channel design provides a firm grip, and you get a great bounce no matter what type of hardcourt you’re playing on.

Its heavier weight makes it ideal for outdoor use, and the rubber construction adds to the durability of this ball.

If you’re looking for an outdoor ball that can take a beating and arrives inflated, the Spalding NBA street ball is the right choice.

Spalding NBA Street Basketball in Pink & Purple – The pink and purple version of Spalding’s NBA Street Basketball is ideal for girls who love the sport. Available in size 6, this ball has a 28.5” diameter.

Performance outdoor cover adds to the durability of this ball, while the wide channel design provides a superior grip and feel.

Like the original NBA street ball, the pink and purple version features a rubber construction and delivers a great bounce on outdoor courts. While not designed for it, this ball can be used indoors.

If you’re looking for an outdoor basketball with a little splash of color, this ball is a great option.

Spalding NBA Street Phantom – Featuring an all-black design with neon writing, the NBA Street Phantom is a sharp looking basketball. But looks aren’t the only thing this basketball has going for it – it’s durable, too.

The Street Phantom ball has an outdoor cover and soft grip technology for a great grip and feel. The bounce is great, and its rubber design means you can use this ball in just about any outdoor court.

This ball arrives inflated, so you can use it right out of the box. While this ball is extra-grippy, it’s quiet, too.

If you want a unique ball with a fun design, the NBA Street Phantom basketball may be the right choice for you.

Under Armour 295 – Under Armour’s 295 basketball is sleek with a black and orange design, but doesn’t skimp on performance.

The ball features UA’s grip skin composite for an extreme grip and feel. The dual-density, sponge-tech cover creates a cushioned, soft feel to minimize hand fatigue and discomfort.

The bounce and balance are great, even when playing on tougher surfaces. And the unique design of this ball will get you noticed on the court.

While a little on the heavy side, the 295 ball from Under Armour offers quality and durability that will give you years of use. And its rugged design makes it the ideal street ball.

Picador Tire-Tread Rubber Ball – The Tire-Tread basketball from Picador boasts a unique design and superior grip. Available in Official Size 7, this ball features a deep channel construction for better ball handling and is designed especially for competitive street play.

Made from top-grade hard rubber, this ball offers extreme durability. This ball can take a beating – no matter what type of court you’re playing on. And the surface looks exactly like its name – tire treads.

Ideal for use on outdoor courts, this basketball is a great choice if you want a ball with a unique, eye-catching look. And it will give you years of use thanks to its high durability.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Right Street Basket Ball for You

When buying a basketball for outdoor play, you need a model that’s rugged, offers a good grip and has a great bounce. But there are other things to consider as well. If you’re still not sure which model to choose, here are some other factors to help you narrow down your choices:

Street Basketball

  • Inflated or Deflated: Does the ball arrive inflated, or deflated? Most of the basketballs on our list are shipped already inflated, but others, like the Tire-Tread ball, will require manual inflation. If you choose a ball that doesn’t come inflated, you’ll need to consider the cost of buying a pump (if you don’t have one) and the time it will take to pump.
  • Design: While not the most important thing to consider, the ball’s design is something to keep in mind. The Phantom Street Ball has an all-black surface with neon letters, and the Tire-Tread ball has a surface that looks like tired treads. If you play with a group of friends, you may want a ball that has a unique look and won’t get mixed up with other basketballs.
  • Court: Where do you play? In your driveway? On gravel (yes, some people do)? Consider the type of court you play in when choosing a ball. The more rugged the court, the more durable of a ball you’ll need.
  • Price: Outdoor basketballs aren’t terribly expensive, but the cost is still something you should keep in mind. Look for a quality, durable ball that fits in your price range.