Three Ways You Benefit from Kayak Fishing

Three Ways You Benefit from Kayak FishingWe all know fishing is a relaxing pastime and can serve as a hobby or a sport or a means of providing for your family’s needs. From catch-and-release recreation to bass angling competitions to the family outing, there are many methods, practices, and traditions out there. A visit to the sea shore will show you power boats of various sizes which can be used for saltwater fishing. Fresh water lakes and rivers are usually dotted with bass boats. And smaller bodies of water like woodland ponds are perfect for simpler crafts like johnboats and skiffs. But there is another type of watercraft which has enjoyed a surge in popularity recently, and that is the kayak. Kayak fishing is good for you in many ways.

Kayak Fishing Is Economical and Eco-friendly

Selecting a kayak as your craft can significantly reduce expenses. For less than $1000 you can purchase a new kayak and outfit it with basic equipment. Compared to the price tag on a new bass boat which may run upward of $40,000, the kayak is much more affordable if you are living on a budget. A kayak does not require a registration fee or insurance. Because there is no motor, there is nothing to harm the environment and you can forego the costs of fuel, oil, and mechanical repairs. While a kayak can be transported on a trailer, it is also easily lashed to the top of your vehicle or the bed of your pickup. And it requires a small area for storage as opposed to the space consumed by a motor boat and trailer.

Kayak Fishing Reduces Stress and Promotes Peacefulness

Avid fishermen know the power of a boat motor and recognize the value of a trolling motor. But as a kayaker you know that your paddle can give you access to areas where larger boats cannot go. It is simply not possible to maneuver a full size boat into the tiny coves where peace and tranquility can be found. Additionally, outboard and inboard motors create noise and commotion which can frighten fish and send them swimming away from the boat. But in a kayak you control the amount of movement you create in the water and you can slip around crags and between trees with ease. When using a kayak, there is no need to wait in line for the boat ramp, as the kayak can be launched directly from the shore in less than a foot of water.

Kayak + Fishing = Great Exercise

Kayak fishing is truly good for your physical health and emotional well-being. It goes without saying that you can interact on a calm, peaceful level with nature. Because you are quiet and unobtrusive as you gently glide through the water, you may have more opportunities to enjoy seeing animals along the shoreline and in the air. You are able to breathe deeply and absorb the warmth of the sunshine as it brightens your mood and clears your mind. Whether your kayak is propelled by paddle or peddle, you benefit from the low impact aerobic exercise as you improve flexibility and build muscle strength.