What’s the Best Dog Harness for Running you can buy in 2020

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How to Find the Most Comfortable Dog Harness After 2015

Dogs can do more than just provide unconditional love and companionship – they can help us stay in shape, too. Like humans, dogs need daily exercise to stay healthy. Running is a great way to get Fido the exercise he needs, but running with a dog is never easy.

Ruffwear Front Range Harness

Our favorite for 2020

ColorPet Dog Leash and No-pull Adjustable Harness -Double Padded

A great value option

Mighty Paw Hands Free Dog Leash

A great running leash

You need the right harness that gives you both control and freedom to run.

How can you find the right harness for you? There are a few things to look for when comparing products:

  • Type: There are a few different types of harnesses available. Some are designed for walking, others for pulling. Some have front leash clips, while others have clips on the dog’s back. Others are designed to wrap around your waist, which keeps your hands free. Decide what type of harness you want first, and that will help you narrow down your choices.
  • Quality: Naturally, you want a harness that can withstand heavy use. If you run with your dog every day, the harness needs to be rugged and durable. Two important areas to focus on are the straps and the leash clip. Make sure that the clip will stay intact after heavy usage, and that the straps won’t fray after a few months of use.
  • User Feedback: When you find a harness you like, look for user reviews to gain some insight into how well the product is made. If the harness falls apart or tears after just a few uses, you’re sure to find buyers complaining about these issues. Reviews can help you avoid buying a poor quality product.

If you’re looking for the best dog harness for running, we’ve created a list of the top models on the market to help you find the right one for your needs.

The Best Harness for Dogs – Our Reviews

Ruffwear Front Range – Whether you’re running on rugged, tough terrain or just around the block, you need a harness that can withstand heavy use. Ruffwear’s Front Range harness is comfortable for dogs, extremely durable and offers a customizable fit.

Designed with your dog in mind, this front clip harness features padding in the chest and belly for improved load dispersion and a comfortable fit for extended use. The customizable fit also allows for full range of motion, so your dog can run freely.

Two leash attachments are available: a V-ring on your dog’s back and the reinforced webbing on the chest area.

Five sizes are available to accommodate girths ranging from 13”-42”.

With improved comfort and a customized fit, the Front Range harness is perfect for those long morning runs with your dog.

Pet Reflective Adjustable Harness – The Pet Reflective Adjustable Harness is simple in design and rugged in performance. The harness features two layers of durable jean material, which makes it highly resistant to wear and tear.

Unlike the previous harness, this model does not have reinforced webbing in the chest area. It features a simple 3-strap design that fits securely around your dog’s chest and legs to prevent him from pulling.

This adjustable harness is designed for medium dogs 14lbs-45lbs and with chest sizes ranging from 11.8”-17.7.”

Easy to put on and remove, this harness is completely adjustable to ensure a perfect and secure fit. It comes with a leash, too, for added value.

Hands Free Jogging Leash by Rugged – Want a harness that offers true freedom to both you and your dog? The Hands Free Jogging Leash by Rugged wraps around your hips to keep your dog by your side and your hands free.

With a cross-stitched bungee leash, this harness is just as durable as it is freeing. It features reflective stitching on the leash and waist strap, too, for added safety on your runs.

Rugged offers this hands-free leash in two sizes: medium and large. It’s affordably priced, too.

If you want a harness that allows you complete freedom without sacrificing control, Rugged’s Hands Free Jogging Leash is the clear choice.

Mighty Paw Hands Free Dog LeashMighty Paw’s Hands Free Dog Leash offers both freedom and superior control. With a bungee leash, this harness prevents your dog from making quick pulls and allows for improved comfort when running, hiking, walking or jogging.

Made with weatherproof material, you can take your pup for a run in any weather. The reflective stitching along the belt and bungee also improve safety when walking or running at night.

Mighty Paw’s design reduces fatigue and allows you to walk or run with a healthy arm swing. Highly recommended by physical therapists, this leash is available in two lengths and colors: Black (36” and 48”) and Grey/Lime (36” and 48”).

Hertzko Hands Free Dog Leash – Hertzko’s Hands Free Dog Leash is very similar to Mighty Paws, but comes at a more affordable price. It’s comfortable, adjustable and easy to grip, so you can enjoy running with your dog.

The bungee-cord style leash attaches to the waist strap, and acts as a shock absorber. If you have a large dog that likes to pull, this harness will help you train Fido to stop this bad behavior. At the same time, it will help make your runs just a little more comfortable.

Made from durable, weather-resistant material, you can use this harness for your morning walks or afternoon runs whether it’s sunny or raining.

The waistband is adjustable up to 48”, and the reflective stitching along the leash allows you to run safely at night. Two lengths are available: 36” and 48”.

If you’re on a tighter budget but still want a hands free harness, Hertzko’s hands free leash is a great choice.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Right Dog Jogging Harness for You

We’ve supplied you with five great harnesses to choose from, but which one is the right one for you? Here’s what to consider when buying your new harness:

  • a woman runs with some dogsActivity: Do you run with your dog every day, a few times a week, or is it only an occasional activity? If you spend more time walking with your dog than running, a standard walking harness will suffice. If you run with your dog every day, you may consider a hands free jogging harness instead.
  • Size: The size of the harness is important, and will be dependent on the size of your dog. If you have a particularly small or large dog, you may need to choose a special harness. The first leash on our list (Ruffwear Front Range) offers five sizes, including XXS and XL. If you’re looking for a hands free leash, you’ll need to consider the size (or length) of the leash to ensure that your dog can run comfortably and safely.
  • Price: Your budget will come into play when buying a harness. The good news is that most harnesses are extremely affordable (even the high quality ones), so you can easily find a product that fits in your budget, but doesn’t ask you to compromise on quality.

Finding the right harness doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’ve provided you with five of the best models on the market. Use our handy buying guide to help you narrow down your choices and find the ideal harness for your furry running partner.